The Avett Brothers come to UConn’s Jorgenson


The Avett Brothers perform at Jorgensen on Tuesday, Oct 23. (Congyang An, Grab Photographer/The Daily Campus)

The Avett Brothers perform at Jorgensen on Tuesday, Oct 23. (Congyang An, Grab Photographer/The Daily Campus)

Grammy-nominated band, The Avett Brothers, performed at the University of Connecticut’s Jorgensen Theater Tuesday evening for nearly 2,000 people including UConn faculty, staff and students.

The roots band performed two new songs, one of which is titled “Roses and Sacrifice” and will be released on Wednesday.

The audience was very receptive to the music. Many fans were screaming and clapping along to every song.

Seth Avett continuously showed his gratitude for the audience and the volume of their cheers but explained that listening is way more impressive to him.

“But to be a listener… To all you listening, I appreciate you,” Avett said.

Kara Legaut is one of the many avid fans of The Avett Brothers. She’s traveled all around New England to see them on tour. Legaut was overjoyed when she found out from her cousin, a UConn student, that the band was coming to Connecticut.

“My favorite part, besides the whole thing, would have to be ‘I and Love and You’,” Legaut said. “It is my favorite song to listen to live and it just never gets old.”

The venue may be a shift of scenery for some of The Avett Brothers’ fans, since most of them traveled to UConn just to see them. A theater transformed into a concert venue can be a different feeling for people who are used to a traditional music venue.

Vincent Vega, a loyal fan has seen the band once before Tuesday night. He was informed of the event through the band’s personal website. Vega was pleased by the venue itself on top of the performance.

“The venue is kind of cool,” Vega said. “The last time I saw them it was in Washington. The venue was outside and it was cold, so this was nice.”

The band has one thing that stands out and draws a lot of attention to them: their use of the cello and upright bass in concert. In today’s era of concerts and music, you rarely see any instrument that strays from the standard guitar, bass guitar, drums and vocals.

The theme of their music follows a country/bluegrass inspired sound with influences of rock. The band has a heavy string portion of their music using guitars, the bass and the cello.

The band itself was large, with at least five people on stage at a time, if not more.

The Avett Brothers originated in North Carolina and began with brothers Seth and Scott Avett, who then added members Bob Crawford (bassist) and Joe Kwon (cellist). The brothers met Crawford when they were playing coffee shops and bars. Crawford also brought Kwon into the picture, bringing the band together as a whole.

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