Athlete Spotlight: Miles Gendron


Miles Gendron dishes a pass during a game f against Boston College in a heated game at the XL center on Friday, Feb. 16, 2018. File photo/The Daily Campus

Out with an injury, but close to returning, UConn men’s hockey senior captain is ready to take on his fourth season as a Husky. The Shrewsbury, Massachusetts native played at Rivers in the New England Preparatory School Athletic Conference (NEPSAC) before matriculating to Storrs and was a third-round pick of the Ottawa Senators. Gendron aims to be an impact player and leader in his final go around, so it is worth getting to know him past what you see on the ice.

Matt Barresi: Tell the people a little bit about who you are as a player

Miles Gendron: I’m fast, I play an up-tempo game. My style is just skating, but I am trying to be a little more “shutdown” defensively.

MB: What is your most memorable moment in a UConn sweater?

MG: Probably Max Letunov’s overtime goal last year against BU. That game was awesome, the fans were going crazy and it was just a great game.

MB: Within Hockey East, do you think you guys have a rival or main competitor?

MG: Providence and BU. Providence is always a physical game. BU, with the series we had with them last year, for us, we get a little extra motivation when we play them.

MB: Switching to more personal stuff, what is your major here at UConn?

MG: I’m a communications major.

MB: What is a favorite class or professor you’ve had?

MG: My favorite class was Persuasion, COMM 3100, and I had Kimberly Embacher. She was a great teacher and it went well.

MB: Do you have any pregame superstitions you follow?

MG: Not too many. I always tie my right skate before my left one. I always do my left shin pad tape before my right one. But I think that’s more habit than superstition.

MB: Do you have a pregame meal that you stick to?

MG: Usually just whatever they serve here. This year I’ve tried to be more consistent with what I eat. I’ve started to cook my own pregame meals. Obviously, I haven’t played yet, but I’m going to start making this Mediterranean bowl.

MB: Nice. Can you share the recipe?

MG: It’s just rice, a little bit of chicken, avocado, some olive oil sprinkled on top, feta cheese, salsa. It’s the whole package.

MB: Well, what about your favorite food item around campus?

MG: A Mighty Mouth from Lizzie’s

MB: Do you have a favorite TV show?

MG: It was Psych. I’ve seen it like two times through. That’s a great show. Prison Break would probably be my second one; I’ve seen it like three times.

MB: What about a favorite movie?

MG: There’s so many good ones. I love Wedding Crashers. I was so happy when they put that on Netflix.

MB: When it comes to social media do you prefer Twitter, Instagram or Facebook?

MG: I’m a Twitter guy. I don’t post, but I’m always on it and I’m always looking at stuff.

MB: Growing up what players did you watch or want to model yourself after?

MG: I watched a lot of Mats Sundin but I was a forward growing up. As a defenseman, I’ve been watching Ryan McDonagh. I just love the way he plays and his attitude towards everything he does.

MB: Right now, who do you think is the best player in the NHL?

MG: Right now, it’s gotta be Connor McDavid. He just looks so much faster than everyone else, it’s crazy.

MB: Do you have a prediction for the Stanley Cup?

MG: Let’s go with the Ottawa Senators.

MB: Lastly, what are you looking forward to the most about this season?

MG: Just the grind of the season. I want to get out there and battle with the guys. The results will come as long as we put the hard work and the time in.

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