Tory Lanez drops an impressive third album


It looks like we can forgive Tory Lanez for canceling his UCONNIC performance last spring. The Canadian singer managed to drop a full 15-song album without a single bad track on it. The new album “Love Me Now” dropped at midnight Thursday.

Lanez has definitely kept himself busy in 2018. In March, he released his sophomore album called “Memories Don’t Die.” The 18-song project includes a few of the singer’s most popular tracks, such as “Shooters” and “Real Thing,” featuring Future. Seven months later, Lanez has returned with more heat on “Love Me Now.”

The artist also has an upcoming Latin album titled “El Agua,” set to be released in 2019. This album will effectively show off the artistic versatility of Lanez. Based on the single that has already been released called “Pa Mi,” we’re in for a treat.

“This will change everything,” Lanez commented on Instagram about the new album “Love Me Now.”

He might be right. The star-studded project includes features from a variety of artists including Chris Brown, 2 Chainz, Pnb Rock, Bryson Tiller and others.

The Toronto singer kicks off the album with a raw and passionate track called “Why Don’t You Love Me.” The introspective song discusses the struggle of getting over an ex who is thriving after the break up. Lanez is extremely adept at making top-notch intro tracks. A quality intro track should set the mood for the album and that’s exactly what “Why Don’t You Love Me” does.

The album continues with a dynamite three-song stretch. “Duck My Ex” featuring Chris Brown and 2 Chainz brings out the most energy on the entire album. Lanez begins with an energetic and infectious verse. He also adds an extremely catchy chorus which pieces the verses together. Brown, who always brings a lot of energy to his music, is up next. His style matches the vibe of this song perfectly. Brown and Lanez make a spirited duo and will hopefully do more collaborations in the future. A smooth verse by 2 Chainz finishes this track off. 2 Chainz always brings the heat when he has the last verse in a song.

Right after “Duck My Ex” comes “Drip Drip Drip,” featuring Meek Mill. The lyrics on this track aren’t too deep but the beat makes up for it. The repetitive chorus and contagious instrumental make “Drip Drip Drip” an extremely fun song to listen to. Meek Mill even tries to match Lanez’s style by singing on his verse.

Finishing off this three-song stretch is the best song on the entire album, “Talk To Me,” featuring Rich the Kid. This track is understandably the main single of “Love Me Now.” The catchy melody on the chorus will have “Talk To Me” stuck in your head all day. Rich the Kid adds a rap verse that complements Lanez’s vocals pretty well. He also does a great job skating over the beat which seems like it’d be tough to rap over.

“Duck My Ex,” “Drip Drip Drip” and “Talk To Me” are all high energy tracks that really get this album going. The fact that they’re all right in a row makes the front half of this album slap. All three of these songs were all produced by Smash David who did an amazing job on this album.

Next up is “Flexible,” featuring Chris Brown and Lil Baby, which is one of my personal favorites. Once again Lanez and Brown complement each other perfectly on this beat. Lil Baby, who has been dropping a lot of hits lately, adds a short and fun verse as well.

Toward the end of the album, “Miami,” featuring Gunna, stands out. This song goes hard. “Miami” has the most rap out of any song on the album. Lanez and Gunna go back and forth trading bars about gangs and bars on the streets of Miami.

One of the final songs of the album, “Keep in Touch,” featuring Bryson Tiller, is also one of the best. The slower beat creates a perfect mood for the singers to harmonize over. Tiller is another one of those artists that match the style of Tory Lanez perfectly. Lanez absolutely kills his verse on this song. The verse, which once again talks about the struggles of missing an ex, is one of the peaks of an album that had virtually no lows.

Tory Lanez really blessed us with something special here. “Love Me Now” doesn’t include a single weak song. The 26-year-old singer also does an outstanding job at choosing features that compliment his style perfectly. Chris Brown and Bryson Tiller kill their features. This project has a lot of potential hits but “Duck My Ex,” “Talk To Me” and “Keep in Touch” particularly stand out. I’m definitely looking forward to see what Lanez has to offer on his upcoming Latin album.

Rating: 4.5/5

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