Athlete Spotlight: Adam Karashik 


UConn sophomore Adam Karashik plays the puck in the boards during a game against Boston University. (File Photo/ The Daily Campus)

The UConn men’s hockey program has a talented defensive core that includes Adam Karashik, a 6’0’’ sophomore from Ridgefield, Connecticut. He has yet to produce any points this year but has appeared in every game after a freshman season where he played 29 games, scored four goals, notched four assists and missed seven games with an injury. We sat down with him for our Athlete Spotlight series to get to know him better: 

Matt Barresi: How would you describe yourself as a player? 

Adam Karashik: I’m a two-way defenseman. I take pride in the D-zone and try to give my team a chance on offense by having good defense. 

MB: You’re only a sophomore, but are their any teams you have found to be consistently intense or like a rivalry game? 

AK: Every game in this league is intense. It’s hard to win any game in Hockey East. Every team has a chance every night, but I would typically [say that it’s] the Boston teams we have bigger bouts with—BU or BC, because we want to be that big name in the league, and every time we play those teams, it’s a bit more physical or has a bit more of an edge. 

MB: What is your major here at school? 

AK: Right now, I’m undecided, but I am applying to the Business School. I want to go into business management. 

MB: If you couldn’t be a pro hockey player, what do you want to do for your career? 

AK: I think I’d want to be a sports agent or a coach. Maybe a general manager. Something along that path. 

MB: What has been your favorite class you’ve taken at UConn? 

AK: I would say, last year, I was really into my history class. Learning about natives and how the country started. It was kind of interesting. 

MB: Before games, do you have any pregame rituals or superstitions you follow? 

AK: I like to dance in the locker-room before games, typically around the same time. I dance to the song Foxland. 

MB: Do you have a pregame meal that you stick to? 

AK: Usually just some chicken, pasta and veggies. And some water. 

MB: What is your favorite place around campus to get something to eat? 

AK: I’d say Blaze Pizza. Blaze Pizza is really good. 

MB: Who is your favorite musical artist right now?  

AK: I like pick-me-up music like EDM. I like a lot of Steve Aoki. 

MB: If you use social media, do you prefer Facebook, Twitter or Instagram?  

AK: Probably Instagram. 

MB: You’re from Connecticut. Was that an influence in your decision to pick UConn? What is it like having family and friends being able to attend games? 

AK: It was a huge part of the decision. They go to every single home game and most away games. The culture UConn has as a sports school is special, and it has a good tradition. It was really easy to pick UConn for me. 

MB: You also played at Avon Old Farms. They obviously have produced a lot of talent now in Hockey East. What is it like playing against those guys? 

AK:  It’s fun. It’s really competitive to go against your former teammates. It’s funny seeing them on the other side in another jersey, but when you’re out, there you’re trying to win just as much as they are. 

MB: Growing up, did you have a favorite NHL team or player? 

AK: When I was little, I liked Marc Staal and Dan Girardi on the Rangers. I really liked those defensemen because the Rangers were my favorite team and they were the big defensemen then. 

MB: What about now? Who do you think the best defenseman in the NHL is? 

AK: I think you got your Erik Karlsson and P.K. Subban. Those are probably the top two guys right now. Or even Brent Burns. 

MB: So, who do you think is going to win the Stanley Cup this year? 

AK: I think its Nashville’s year honestly. They’ve been close the past couple years, and I think this year they’re going to pull through. 

MB: On your own season, what are you most looking forward to about UConn hockey this year? 

AK: Just building up. Each year, the program has gotten better and better in Hockey East and nationally. This year, I’m excited to see how we develop, how much better we can [become] and what we can really do in fighting for a championship. 

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