UCPD to assign extra shifts on Halloween


The University of Connecticut Police Department will increase shifts on Halloween night. (File Photo/ The Daily Campus)

The University of Connecticut Police Department plans to increase police presence on campus this evening in anticipation of Halloween festivities, according to UCPD.

According to Lieutenant Darren Cook, UCPD has posted for extra shift coverage to increase awareness this evening.

Although on-campus patrol will be strengthened, UCPD will not be doing any DUI checkpoints

“We are not anticipating any changes from past years, although it is pretty routine that we would add staff when we know there would be an increased amount of activity on campus due to festivities,” Cook said.

Third-semester environmental studies major Sarah Hill said the plan for the UCPD to add staff is a good precaution.

“It may make some students feel safer going out,” Hill said. “I do know that some students have exams that day or the day after, so they may not do anything on Halloween.

Seventh-semester linguistics major Leah Rice said campus gets a bit more active on Halloween.

“I think that, considering it is a Wednesday, it might not be so necessary to have a bigger police presence than if it were on a weekend,” Rice said.

Seventh-semester nursing major and resident assistant Molly Fitzpatrick said she believes extra police presence on Halloween is necessary.

“Despite it being on a Wednesday, I am sure plenty of students, especially freshman, will be venturing out,” Fitzpatrick said. “As a freshman RA, it makes me nervous to think of them out without more police presence and support.”

Fitzpatrick described past Halloweens on campus as “abuzz with overwhelming night activity.”

The plan for UCPD to increase police presence on Halloween night is standard procedure for evenings when police anticipate heightened activity on campus.

“There are not any specific concerns this Halloween, just taking precautionary steps to keep everyone safe,” Cook said.

Fiona Brady is a campus correspondent for The Daily Campus. She can be reached via email at fiona.brady@uconn.edu.

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