Town of Mansfield to break ground on Four Corners sewer project


Members of the Four Corners Committee discuss new developments in Mansfield Sewage. (File/The Daily Campus)

The Town of Mansfield is set to break ground on a sewer expansion in the Four Corners section of Mansfield Thursday, Nov. 8, at 10 a.m. According to the Town of Mansfield website, the project will give residents in the Four Corners area of Mansfield access to clean water and plumbing.

The project is needed because of groundwater pollution in the area due to faulty septic systems and leaks from gasoline stations. While the leaks have been fixed, the area still needs clean water, the website said.

Mansfield Town Manager Derrik Kennedy said in a press release that the groundbreaking is a step forward in a project that has been a long time coming.

“This project has been talked about and planned for well over a decade,” Kennedy said. “Now, we’ll have shovels in the ground, starting an exciting time for development and collaboration.”

In the Mansfield town council meeting on Oct. 22, Mansfield Director of Public Works Jim Carrington said some of the property needed for this project is being acquired under eminent domain, a principle of law that allows the government to take one’s private property for public use if it provides fair compensation.

“We’ve acquired or agreed on all but two properties,” Carrington said. “One of those is going to court because (the property owners) contested the two appraisals…so it’s gonna be the words eminent domain, or taking, and that’ll be solved in court.”

The $7.4 million contract was awarded to a Massachusetts-based contractor, according to the same press release.

Carrington said he is eager for the construction work on the project to begin.

“I am very excited to finally begin the construction phase of this project,” Carrington said. “I look forward to working with our contractor, Baltazar Contractors, Inc., on constructing a much needed sewer system for the Four Corners area.”

According to the town website, the original estimate for the project’s cost was $9 million. The actual cost paid by the town is expected to be less.

In May 2014, the Connecticut General Assembly passed a $3 million grant for the Four Corners project, lowering the cost to roughly $6 million, according to the Town of Mansfield website.

According to Mansfield Deputy Mayor Antonia Moran, the Town of Mansfield will pay half of the remainder out of pocket and pass the rest onto the users of the new sewer and water system.

“Of that roughly $6 million, half… is going to be paid by the users… in assessment fees,” Moran said.

According to Kennedy, the project should be completed within a little more than a year from the groundbreaking ceremony.

“The Town has completed the planning, environmental permitting, design and bidding of the project,” Kennedy said. “The construction has not yet begun; we do not yet have the contractor’s schedule but expect completion by December 2019.”

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