Imagine Dragons’ new album ‘Origins’ is highlighted by outstanding singles


America’s most-streamed rock group Imagine Dragons released their fourth studio album on Friday. “Origins” has already made waves in the music community with its popular singles “Natural” and “Zero.” The Las Vegas group continues to utilize an interesting mixture of alternative rock and charismatic pop to make songs that top the charts.

The group’s lead singer Dan Reynolds spends a large portion of this album singing about his back-and-forth relationship with his wife Aja Volkman. The rest of the album is spent driving home philosophical themes of self-reliance and standing up for what you believe in.

Imagine Dragons is without a doubt one of the top rock bands of this decade. After exploding onto the music scene in 2012 with their groundbreaking debut album, “Night Visions,” the group has remained at the peak of the rock scene ever since. The popularity of Imagine Dragons comes from their unmatched ability to make infectious rock anthems. This remarkable talent is on full display in “Origins.”

The album begins with the catchy lead single called “Natural.” After its release in July of this year, “Natural” made its way up to No. 13 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. The song was also featured by ESPN as the anthem of the 2018 College Football season. “Natural” preaches about toughness and standing up for yourself. Its explosive chorus and heavy-hitting drumline will most likely make “Natural” the biggest hit of the album.

“Machine” is the third single released for this 15 track album. This dark tune features a heavy electric guitar in the background. Throughout the song, Reynolds urges listeners to make their own decisions without being influenced by those in power. The release date of this song, which was Oct. 30 (a week before Election Day), could hint at a political motivation behind the lyrics of “Machine.”

Shortly following “Machine” is the fourth single of “Origins” called “Bad Liar.” This song dropped just three days before the album was released. The slow track discusses the rough rollercoaster of a year Reynolds had with his wife. The song was released on the same day that the pair decided to call off their divorce and attempt to work things out. “Bad Liar” focuses on the flaws Reynolds has shown as a husband throughout his marriage.

The next song on the album features a country acoustic guitar in the background. “West Coast” marks the first time Imagine Dragons immersed themselves in the country-pop genre. Reynolds successfully adds his own personal twist to the genre. The song urges listeners to be grateful for those they love. It’s nice to see Imagine Dragons expand their music into genres they are unfamiliar with.

“Zero” is the second single of the album and marks the midway point. This track is featured in the new animated film “Ralph Breaks the Internet.” The upbeat melody counteracts the sorrowful lyrics that speak on the hardships of depression and uncertainty.

Imagine Dragons has once again shown why they are one of the most popular rock bands in the world with “Origins” including a plethora of contagious rock-pop anthems that will have fans singing their hearts out across the country. The only place where “Origins” stumbles is the underwhelming latter half of the album. The front half is packed with potential hits, making this album seem a little unbalanced.

Rating: 3.5/5

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