Jon Bellion continues to prove his musical prowess with the release of his sophomore album ‘Glory Sound Prep’ on Nov. 9.


The last time Bellion released an album was in 2016 with his debut album “The Human Condition.” Although most people might not know him by name, it’s much more likely that people know him from his hit single “All Time Low.” Bellion’s new album seems to be a culmination of narratives from the past two years, ranging from personal accomplishments to the recent knowledge that he is married.

The first single off the album, “Conversations with my Wife,” involves Bellion questioning whether or not his relationship with his wife is genuine outside of his fame and presence on social media. It’s a slower song compared to others on the album, revealing Bellion’s vulnerability to the topic at hand. “Will you love me when my phone turns off? / I don’t want to be some digital Jesus / No more followers, we’ll both get lost / When it’s me and you inside real life,” he sings for the chorus.

“JT” shows Bellion recalling his past as he used to daydream about the fame and success that he has now. Through an upbeat and feel-good chorus, he sings, “Remember dreams seemed far away / Was pinching pennies like Lane and Hardaway / Now my beats make fees for holidays in Greece / And I don’t mean John Travolta.” The use of “John Travolta” in the song is a particularly clever one since it’s a play on words with the country of Greece and “Grease,” the 1978 film that John Travolta starred in.

The biggest project on the album is arguably “Let’s Begin” which features Roc Marciano, RZA, B. Keyz and Travis Mendes. The entire song shows Bellion and the other artists showing off their lyrical expertise through their own verses.

The next track, “Stupid Deep,” shows Bellion questioning whether his success stems from a supposed hole inside his heart. This concept of a feeling of emptiness within him has come up in songs from previous albums and EPs that Bellion has released.

“The Internet” is a lively song that continues a dialogue that Bellion touched upon previously in “Conversations with my Wife” and “Woke The F*ck Up” from his debut album. It’s centered around the negative effect that social media can have and how people can become so fixated on presenting their lives in a way that’s more appealing than reality.

“Blu” is a slow jam and a love song to Bellion’s wife. The term “blue” is likely a reference to his wife’s blue eyes. The line in the chorus “Fighting it is hopeless, sinking in your ocean / Just like He designed me to do / Fall into your blue” describes how Bellion is falling in love and how increasingly vulnerable he is becoming as a result.

Interestingly enough, “Adult Swim” features Tuamie and Christopher Sabat, one of Bellion’s personal heroes. The song should be a huge accomplishment for Bellion because Sabat is the voice actor for Piccolo on Dragon Ball Z, which Bellion is a huge fan of. “Couples Retreat” tells the story of two people in the middle of a problematic relationship who ultimately find peace in each other’s company.

A guitar riff heavily pervades “Cautionary Tales” as Bellion discusses how he overcame obstacles and his long list of accomplishments. With a chorus by Will Smith, he tells this story through an allegory of a man slaying mythical monsters.

The final track of the album feels like multiple tracks that haven’t been separated. “Mah’s Joint” tells the story of Bellion’s mother having to take care of his grandmother when she suffered from a degenerative brain disease that made life increasingly difficult for the family. Through all the sacrifices his mother made, Bellion pays homage to her and mothers everywhere with this last track of the album.

With his signature blend of R&B and hip hop in pop, “Glory Sound Prep” has many elements from previous releases, but manages to take a step in a new and interesting direction for Bellion.

Rating: 5/5

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