SUBOG goes all in to ‘raise them up’


Last year’s HuskyTHON raised over a million dollars for the first time ever. (Photo by Nicholas Hampton/The Daily Campus)

Although Huskython is still 101 days away as of noon on Wednesday, Nov. 14, the long wait did not stop Student Union Board of Governors (SUBOG) President Adam Sherif and Vice President of Finance for SUBOG Margot Astorino from speaking excitedly about SUBOG’s involvement in the 2019 dance marathon. This year, Sherif and Astorino plan to use SUBOG’s platform to support Huskython and to expose SUBOG’s large following to the event and the good that it does.

SUBOG’s support for Huskython this year is unprecedented. Though the organization ran a small team of dancers last year, Sherif and Astorino plan to get the organization much more involved in Huskython by having a larger dance team and using SUBOG’s resources to help out a good cause.

“Their goal is to raise money for the kids, and our goal is to put on great events. And it came to a point of acknowledging that Huskython is a great event every year, so what can we do to support it and create it,” Sherif said.

Astorino also noted that just because SUBOG is a tier-III fee-funded organization that cannot donate money set aside for student programming to Huskython, that doesn’t mean that they can’t help in other ways to cut expenses.

“Especially because the money that they spend to program is out of the total number that is donated to the hospital, if we could take the stress off that and give a tent so that they don’t have to buy one, that’s money that they don’t have to take out of that number that’s held up in the end,” Astorino said.

The two spoke about how SUBOG is meant to help put on great programming for students and how this could mean having SUBOG partner with other events or groups to put on a great program.

“Our goal on campus is to help plan and facilitate, reach as many students as possible through the best events we possibly can,” Sherif said. “The goal on campus is not just to see our events be great, but every single event be great.”

“When we see a value in it, then we want to be a part of it and use the resources that we have,” Astorino said.

The collab between SUBOG and Huskython was natural, according to Sherif and Astorino. Many of SUBOG’s members participated in Huskython through other organizations, so this year, Sherif and Astorino wanted to create a team sponsored by SUBOG. They noted that some students may be hesitant to join Huskython because they think that only Greek organizations are involved and that there isn’t a place for them at the event. Sherif and Astorino hope to dispel that notion by opening up SUBOG’s Huskython team to the general undergraduate student body.

To help reach their team’s goal of donating $10,000, SUBOG plans to table during events like the Fall Concert and might add optional “add-ons” to purchases of tickets so that students can donate simply by rounding up the purchase price of a ticket bought through SUBOG. But even more than raising money, Sherif and Astorino hope to raise awareness and raise the event’s profile by promoting it on their social media and at SUBOG-sponsored events. SUBOG has already shown a video advertising Huskython during Lip Sync and even made Huskython the grand marshal of the homecoming parade.

SUBOG also hopes to have an hour or more of programming time during the actual dance marathon on Saturday, Feb. 23. At Huskython, Sherif and Astorino want to put on Stuff-a-Husky, one of SUBOG’s signature events, for groups that have raised a certain amount of money.

Sherif and Astorino would love to see SUBOG’s involvement in the event grow as the years go on. For right now, though, Sherif promises that SUBOG will support Huskython however they can.

“If we ever decide to take it on, we go all in for it, just like we’re going all in for Huskython,” Sherif said.

Stephanie Santillo is a staff writer for The Daily Campus. She can be reached via email at

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