‘The Crew’ is just a run-of-the-mill crime film


On Nov. 15, Netflix premiered a crime film named “The Crew.” It was originally released in 2015 in France but has only just now been brought to American audiences. It follows the story of a group of expert robbers who must carry out a particularly dangerous heist due to a careless mistake. However, “The Crew” fails to keep its audience entertained.

The film has a clear storyline but it lacks depth and isn’t terribly interesting. The group robs an armored truck at the beginning and later one of the members, Amine, is tasked with disposing of all the weapons they used. However, Amine decides to sell a handgun to a group of thugs. This poses a problem because it could be traced back to the gang and get them arrested. The leader of the group, Yanis, visits the thugs and is then blackmailed into performing a daring heist. Quite frankly, the first robbery of the movie was more interesting than its supposed climax.

With characters as shallow as the ocean shore, it’s hard to remember them at all. The acting isn’t terrible, but the members of the group all blend together on screen. Funnily enough, they’re all men with buzzcuts and the audience is given little to no background into their lives. Because of this, it’s confusing to tell them apart in the middle of the few action sequences or even sympathize with any of their deaths. The lack of any character development or good dialogue leaves the audience disengaged from the cast.

Now, the cinematography is about as bland as it can be. The movie itself would probably be more interesting if the camera wasn’t obviously handheld in every shot. All it would take is a cheap tripod, or even a couple of stacked books, to prevent the camera from shaking and keeping the subject in frame. Not to mention the film’s handful of continuity errors littered about. It lacks any kind of score besides the occasional electronic song during the action sequences. Although there are maybe one or two visually appealing shots, there are a handful that could have been removed from the final cut.

At one point, Yanis hands his sister an envelope filled with cash. The movie needlessly flash-cuts to her placing it in a safe for what seems like a fraction of a second and back to the previous shot of Yanis and his sister. That quick shot could have easily been deleted and it would have sufficed to see his sister place the envelope in her pocket.

Although “The Crew” has a bit of action here and there, it’s about as interesting as a group of men waving guns around and yelling at each other, which is exactly what it is. With an easily forgettable story and cast, it’s not bringing anything new to the table. Anyone with a Netflix account is better off investing their time into any other title that Netflix has to offer.

Rating: 2/5

Brandon Barzola is a campus correspondent for The Daily Campus. He can be reached via email at brandon.barzola@uconn.edu.

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