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It is the Monday after Thanksgiving, which for a lot of people means eating as much as possible and then eating some more. But there is another part of Thanksgiving that we all unknowingly acknowledge: it’s a time for loving and appreciating the family and friends that help us through everything. This is why I have decided to dedicate this week to some of the best, cheesiest feel-good films I could find.

At the top of my list is a film that many people don’t associate with feeling good, but is a story that has left readers and audiences feeling better about the idea of love. “Pride and Prejudice” is based off of the Jane Austen novel by the same title, which was written in the early 1800s. The romantic idea that a man in a higher social class than a woman can find her to be perfect (despite her not conforming to societal norms placed on women at the time) has fascinated audiences for decades. Today, it is a wonderful movie about acceptance and love even when the other person has different values then your own.

“The Pursuit of Happyness” is another heartwarming film that stresses the importance of loving and caring for your family. The film is based on a true story of the life of a man named Chris Gardner, and will make you cry because of how beautifully it is told.

The iconic and very quotable “The Princess Bride” is another spirit-lifting film that brings out the child in all of us. The film follows the fairytale romance of soon-to-be Princess Buttercup. She debates marrying a prince she doesn’t love or never marrying because of her grief over the death of Westley, a farm boy that had to leave her years ago. With pirates, beasts, sword fights, puzzles and resurrections, this movie is one that will leave you warm and fuzzy.

Many classic Disney movies such as “Finding Nemo,” “Up,” “Wall-E” and the recent live-action film “Maleficent” leave audiences content and having learned important lessons from the adventures. A less-recognized Disney film, though, is the Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s movie “The Game Plan,” about a football player who finds out he has a daughter and struggles to raise her.

Following the theme of family, another good Disney film is “Freaky Friday,” about a mother and her daughter switching bodies. Although the genre many people label it under is comedy, in the end the two protagonists learn a wonderful lesson which allows both women to return to their bodies.

A children’s film about the importance of friendship is “Aquamarine.” This story is about two best friends who are about to be separated after one finds out she is moving away at the end of the summer. After a huge hurricane, they find a mermaid in their pool who asks for their help in finding true love. In the end, the mermaid and the two best friends realize so much about friendship through the journey of their last few days together.

Though there are so many feel-good movies from so many genres that I didn’t get the chance to touch upon, I hope it does not stop you from watching your own favorite feel-good movies before finals come upon us. Maybe take a break from studying one day to watch your own favorite feel-good film with a blanket and some popcorn.

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