Roundtable: The low point of a new-low for UConn football


UConn football set record for the most points per game allowed, total points, total yards allowed and yards per game. (Charlotte Lao/ The Daily Campus)

UConn football set record for the most points per game allowed, total points, total yards allowed and yards per game. (Charlotte Lao/ The Daily Campus)

UConn football didn’t do the whole football thing very well this season. Given the seemingly-endless supply of topics to choose from, this week’s DC Sports roundtable is a debate over the single worst moment from this season of UConn football. Here’s what our writers have to say:

Matt Barresi, Staff Writer

If you think about it, the single worst moment was the moment the ball was kicked off in the opener because it meant we were actually in this and going to have to persevere through this hellish season. In a season full of downs, the single worst moment, to me, was the entirety of the UMass game. I could not go, but the weather was miserable. The style of football, due to the weather, was also miserable aesthetically. The number of empty seats, left open by, honestly, reasonable fans, was incredibly embarrassing. In-person the ghost town must have been depressing. I know on TV it was. Mike Anthony of the Hartford Courant estimated about 4,000 fans attended. Yikes. But is that more embarrassing than UConn, with a straight face, trying to claim an attendance of 24,000? I save the best, or worst, for last; we lost to regional rival, perennial FBS bottom-feeder and fellow failing football program UMass. Can’t see many moments worse than that.

Neil Simmons, Campus Correspondent

A few weeks ago, I wrote in a Point/Counterpoint that the UMass game was rock bottom for this UConn team, but somehow they managed to go even lower. Against Temple, the Huskies looked like a lifeless corpse that had been dressed up to appear as if it were still alive. Letting an opposing team stroll into your house and hang a 50-burger on you is utterly pathetic, but by this point I don’t think anyone even cared. Nobody showed up to this game, none of the players, coaches or even fans. Have you ever seen a stadium so empty? Five straight drives ended in turnovers and the defense got lit up like a Christmas tree yet again, becoming the absolute worst defense ever to set foot on a Division-I college football field. Can we just take all the money that Kevin Ollie is owed and throw it at Kliff Kingsbury?

Bryan Lambert, Staff Writer

In my opinion, the worst moment of the UConn football season was the second half collapse against UMass. It was a winnable game against a bad team. Leading 7-3 at the half, it looked like the Huskies might just yet get a win over an FBS opponent. Then the Minutemen drove down the field with ease, carving up the Huskies’ defense for 19 points. That might seem low by their standards, but it was worse in person. Edsall refused to go to the passing game as the rain and wind cleared, and on a rare moment he did, it ended with Pindell throwing one of the worst game ending interceptions you’ll ever see. Watching UMass, far from a college football powerhouse, dance on the sidelines was completely avoidable and a sad sight to see.

Danny Barletta, Campus Correspondent

Unfortunately, there were way too many moments to choose from, but for me the worst part of the season was the Cincinnati game back on Sept. 29. This stands out to me, because it was the last game I attended this season. If you think about it, that game was really a snapshot of the entire season. The Huskies scored first, so coach Randy Edsall got his $2,000 bonus, and then the offense went MIA for the rest of the game. The defense kept it close in the first half, as UConn was only down by 14 going into the half. Then, the Bearcats took away any hope of a decent game with a two-play, 33-second, 75-yard touchdown drive to start the second half. They went on to score a touchdown on their next three offensive drives as well, and the rest is history: a classic 49-7 demolishing of the worst team in college football. There may have been more brutal losses this season, but no game illustrates the 2018 UConn football season as well as this one in my opinion.

Jorge Eckardt, Staff Writer

The worst moment of this UConn football season occurred the moment the final game of the season ended, because that meant that the Huskies were officially the worst defensive (and arguably even overall) team in FBS history. Not only did UConn lose to Temple by 50, but the 57 points they gave up pushed their average to 50.41, beating the previous record of 50.27 which was set by the 1997 Louisiana Ragin’ Cajuns. Not only did they narrowly break the points record, but they obliterated the yardage one. In their 12 games, the Huskies gave up 617.5 yards per game. 617.5!!! They were the first team in FBS history to ever give up over 600 yards per game, seeing as the previous record, which was held by the 2015 Kansas Jayhawks, was 560. It was so bad that going into the final game of the season, if UConn wanted to avoid setting that record they would have had to hold Temple to MINUS-163 yards. Safe to say this is a season to forget. But hey, at least the future looks bright.

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