Storrs Stories: No heat results in ‘sleep-in’


In 1971, University of Connecticut students protested the lack of heat in a North Campus dorm by staging a “sleep-in.” (Photo supplied by writer)

In Dec. 1971, residents of New Haven Hall in North Campus at the University of Connecticut planned a “sleep-in protest,” as the dorm had been without heat since the weather turned cold.

Residents signed a petition to the maintenance department before Thanksgiving break and maintenance sent repairmen to fix the boiler, but that was not the problem.

“Maybe if residents knew there had been immediate response…there would have been no problem, no protest and no story,” the Daily Campus reported. “But no one except the RA knew that maintenance came at all.”

The residents felt ignored and organized a sleep-in protest in the hallway.

The Daily Campus called Frank Laudieri from Facility Operations and Building Services for more information. “Emergency men” were then immediately sent to New Haven Hall to fix the dampers in the resident’s rooms, solving the crisis.

Ashley Anglisano is a campus correspondent for The Daily Campus. She can be reached by email at

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