Surviving finals


Finals Week is a stressful time for us all. Here are some tips to help you stay sane. (Hanaisha Lewis/ The Daily Campus)

As we approach finals week, the pressure of trying to cram an entire semester’s worth of information into one week is prevalent. Almost everyone you ask is at least a little bit stressed about upcoming exams. Because of this stress, it’s common for students to neglect their personal needs and only focus on academics. While focusing on school is important, it’s equally important to focus on overall health, both mental and physical. Here are some tips for not going completely insane during this hectic week.

First, don’t procrastinate. This may sound nearly impossible, but if you start studying on time and stay consistent, you won’t be nearly as stressed. A lot of the anxiety we feel during finals week is due to the fact that we save all of our work and studying for this one specific week. The key to not stressing about it is to process the material and be consistent in your study habits. Forming study groups with people in your classes helps when it comes to understanding the information. Your peers might understand parts of the course that you don’t and vice versa. Asking other students to explain things to you and share their ideas can be more comforting than approaching a professor because you know you’re all in the same boat.

Second, don’t compromise every other aspect of your life to study. If you do nothing but focus on studying day after day, you’ll probably go insane. Release some steam at the gym, go to dinner with your friends and don’t forget to stick to your normal self-care routines. Maybe even treat yourself and paint your nails or do a face mask to feel refreshed. And no, doing a face mask won’t fix all of your problems, but it does feel nice to take that time for yourself. Staying sane and relaxed relies on your ability to manage your time.

This brings us to our third tip: be smart with how you manage your time. As I said before, it’s important to plan out your day and make certain time for studying and certain time for other activities, like going to the gym or hanging out with friends. Finals week doesn’t necessarily mean you have to lock yourself in the library 24/7. That’s not the most productive method because it makes you feel even more stressed and confined. Make a schedule to study for a couple hours, then take a break to do something for yourself and then repeat. Seeing it planned out in front of you will motivate you to stick to the schedule. Also, go to the library with some friends (if you think you’ll still be able to concentrate) so you don’t feel alone.

The fourth and final tip is to get enough sleep. This is very cliche and seemingly impossible in college, but it turns out it’s easier and more beneficial than you may think. Sticking to a routine and going to bed/getting up at the same time every day is great for your body. It will help you focus better and be more motivated during the day, which is ideal during finals. If you stick to your study schedule during the day, you won’t feel the need to stay up super late studying. I wouldn’t recommend going out and going hard on the weekends, only because it can impact how you perform and feel the next day. However, hanging out with friends and having fun at night isn’t a crime. It’s always better to stay sane than it is to stress yourself out unnecessarily, which will impact how you perform on your exams.

Tessa Pawlik is a campus correspondent for The Daily Campus. She can be reached via email at

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