Various medical certification courses available to the UConn community


UConn Rescue. Field Trip to Mansfield Fire Department ambulance.

University of Connecticut Rescue, a student-run emergency medical service interest group, will offer various classes to the UConn community throughout the spring semester.

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation/automated external defibrillator (CPR/AED), first aid, basic life support for healthcare providers and “stop the bleed” bleeding control basics are the courses available to students through UConn Rescue.

“UConn Rescue is a student organization that offers various emergency training classes to the University of Connecticut community,” UConn Rescue president and training coordinator and seventh-semester nursing major Justin Pedneault, said.

The courses are open to anyone in the UConn community and are designed to promote emergency preparedness, Pedneault said.

“The benefits of obtaining these certifications is to increase your preparedness to respond and help others in an emergency situation,” Pedneault said. “You never know when you will need the skills learned from these certifications and it truly is good for everyone to know.”

Seventh-semester nursing major Meghan Wood took the CPR course and said the course achieved its goal.

“I found the training incredibly helpful,” Wood said. “Having the skills to administer CPR and use an AED can be lifesaving, and I need to have them as a nursing student and soon-to-be healthcare professional.”

Seventh-semester nursing major Katherine Cluxton took the Basic Life Support for Health Providers recertification class and agreed with Wood for the need for it.

“Even as nursing students, we are expected to be able to jump in and assist in an emergency in the clinical setting,” Cluxton said.

Students, even those who are not nursing majors, can register for these courses online, Pedneault said, at

“These certifications are obtained by registering for, attending and completing all the requirements for that particular course,” Pedneault said.

Courses can also be put on for specific organizations, Pedneault said.

“We have the unique ability to create a private class for your club or organization if there is interest,” Pedneault said.

The standards for healthcare are constantly evolving and the course allows attendees to be up-to-date, Wood said.

“I’m really glad for the opportunity to refresh my skills often, as the standards for CPR/AED administration change often and the classes help me to stay up to date and confident in my abilities,” Wood said.

Course registration will be open in the beginning of the spring semester and classes will run throughout the entire semester.

Luke Hajdasz is a campus correspondent for The Daily Campus. He can be reached via email at

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