Money is one of her favorite things: Ariana Grande releases ‘7 Rings’


Arianna Grande dropped her “7 Rings” song along with its music videos on Friday, Jan. 18. (screenshot from “7 Rings” music video)

Arianna Grande dropped her “7 Rings” song along with its music videos on Friday, Jan. 18. (screenshot from “7 Rings” music video)

Ariana Grande dropped her highly anticipated song “7 Rings” along with its music video on midnight Friday and (as if she couldn’t break the internet enough) fans unsurprisingly went crazy.

Within one hour of its release, the video had half a million views on YouTube. This was expected for Grande, as the music video for her insta-hit “Thank U, Next” broke YouTube records for most views in 24 hours, according to Variety.

Like her previous singles, “7 Rings” exudes fierceness and girl power. According to Elle, the song’s inspiration came from the singer’s split with her ex-fiance, actor and comedian Pete Davidson. The song represents the seven rings she bought for her closest friends, who are all seen in the video, Elle reports.

Grande and these close friends, including singer and songwriter Victoria Monet, are featured in the video dressed in girly, chic, “extra”-looking outfits while drinking champagne and enjoying themselves. Grande sings about how she lavishes money on herself and her friends, reclaiming her power as an independent woman after her heartbreaks. The Barbie-themed setting and wardrobe, bright pink and glamorous, radiates feminism and encapsulates the power of women supporting each other.

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Grande took over social media in the past few months. She frequently replies to tweets from fans from around the world, teases them with snippets of upcoming songs and videos and charms all with her transparency and positive advice. The branding and advertising for her music feel like Grande is sharing what she is proud of and giving back to the world for showing love and support during the times she has felt her lowest.

With the success of her most recent music, Grande made huge strides in lieu of all the trials she endured. From the loss of 22 people at her concert in Manchester, UK, to the upsetting death of ex-boyfriend and rapper Mac Miller, Grande has experienced back-to-back tragedies. Yet she still finds the strength to exude perseverance, a large reason why her fan-base is just as resilient as she is.

With her current streak of chart-topping, record-breaking hits, Grande’s international impact has undoubtedly skyrocketed.

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