Start off the spring semester strong


A good tip for the Spring semester is to check the weather every morning. (Kevin Lindstrom/The Daily Campus)

A good tip for the Spring semester is to check the weather every morning. (Kevin Lindstrom/The Daily Campus)

There’s nothing like a snowstorm to start off the spring semester in Storrs! As the students on campus prepare themselves for their upcoming classes, you too can find ways to make the next few months the best they can be. Follow these tips to make the most of the new semester.

Be prepared for the weather

Walking to class in the windy weather is no fun, so make sure that you’re properly prepared to brace the freezing temperatures. Check the weather in the morning and see if you should wear a thicker sweater, or how many layers you should bundle up in. Always carry gloves, a hat and even a scarf in your backpack if the temperature happens to drop after your class or event. Make sure to have a pair of snow boots or even rain boots to be able to walk around campus without worrying about any of your other shoes getting wet.

Make note of important dates

The new semester is a great opportunity to start off organized. Since there’s (hopefully) not that much work to do the first week of classes, take the time to look over your syllabus and mark down important dates, such as when your exams, tests and quizzes are, as well as when your papers are due. Use a planner or digital calendar, such as Google Calendar, and set reminders a week or a few days before important dates so you can plan accordingly. Be sure to check your workload weekly and set aside time for days when you know you’ll need more preparation, such as studying for an exam or meeting a professor for office hours. Mark down when you have meetings and events too, and try planning other things you want to do around your schedule, such as going to the gym or attending a women’s basketball game.

Stay on top of things

In conjunction with the previous tip, begin the semester by staying on top of everything you need to do. You don’t want to be caught off guard. Check out where your new classes will be if you haven’t been to those buildings before and ask your friends if they’ve had any of the professors on your schedule. Start your application for a summer internship or job if you are interested in one or look into any research opportunities if you know that you would want to take advantage of one in the future. Talk to any of your professors sometime if you know you’ll want to ask them for a letter of recommendation in the future. If you’re planning to study abroad, talk to your advisor and make sure that you’re on the right track with your classes and applications. It’s never too early to get started on something.

Try new things

If there was a club or association you were interested in last semester but weren’t able to join, now is the time to look into it again. Check out the spring involvement fair and see when the club’s meeting times are, talk with members and see if joining would be right for you. Even bring a friend along, if you want! In the same vein, go to new events that interest you, even if you hadn’t considered it before. Go ice skating with some friends on a Friday, attend an event at one of the cultural centers or spin the wheel at the Wellness and Prevention Center. Make the most out of the new semester.

Treat yourself

Amidst all your academic, social and extracurricular engagements, be sure to take care of yourself. Part of the Husky experience is to have fun, which is crucial to your success. Take time for yourself amidst stressful times. If you’ve been studying for hours, take the rest of the night off and pick up again the next day. If you’ve had a rough week, buy yourself an Insomnia cookie and prepare yourself for the coming week. If you did well on an exam after working hard and studying the past few days, take some time after and watch an episode of the show that you put off to study. It’s important to reward and comfort yourself in equal parts. It’s the little things that can help.

Hollie Lao is a campus correspondent for The Daily Campus. She can be reached via email at

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