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The UConn SRF can help you meet your fitness goals for 2019 (File Photo/The Daily Campus)

When New Year’s hit just about everyone over the age of 12 came up with one common resolution: Get fit for the summer. Unfortunately, with the semester finally upon us and UConn’s free gym just down the street, the reality of having to work out in order to get fit is becoming all too real. So how do we actually get the abs we want?

Considering it’s going to be freezing over the next couple months, just leaving the room to go to the gym may seem like an impossible task. If you struggle with the motivation to get going, BodyWise might be exactly what you need. BodyWise is the free classes offered at the gym for students. It includes kickboxing, yoga, spinning, pilates, zumba, X-fit and more. Plus the UConn recreation website’s RecRegistration tab contains descriptions of what each class entails. This tab is also where you would sign up for classes. BodyWise can help with motivation because these classes need to be signed up for within 24-hours of their start time and if you skip the class a “No-Show” is issued which can eventually lead to a suspension from the gym. In this sense, they are a commitment you can’t really back out of last minute.

BodyWise classes also help first time gym-goers work out more effectively than if they just threw themselves into a room of weights and treadmills. The instructors are all friendly, helpful and open to beginners.

If the idea of going to the gym doesn’t appeal to you, there are many alternative routes you can take that don’t involve leaving your dorm. YouTube has great tutorials and videos for exercises you don’t need equipment for. “Yoga With Adriene” has yoga routines for everything from stress relief to back pain, all of which range from short 10 minute increments to as long as an hour. “MadFit” has fairly short workouts focused on developing your abs and core. There are also plenty of phone apps you can download for free. “Ab & Core Workouts” talks you through different exercises which correspond with different settings, time lengths and calorie counts. It’s very user-friendly with diagrams on how to do each exercise. All of these options can easily fit into any busy schedule.

One of the best strategies to motivate yourself to get fit is jumping into a 30-day fitness challenge. These challenges gradually increase the difficulty of the workout on a daily basis as your body gets stronger. There are full body challenges, ones for flexibility and ones for working out your core. If those kinds of challenges don’t motivate you, it might be time to sign up for a race or competition in the near future to give you something to work toward. There are plenty of 5ks and 10ks held during March onward.

Don’t fall into the majority of people that make resolutions they’ll never keep. Get the summer body you’ve always dreamed of. There’s still plenty of time to go for it.

Rebecca Maher is a campus correspondent for The Daily Campus. She can be reached via email at

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