Amazon@Storrs closing makes package pick up a hassle for students


Well liked Amazon@Storrs closed permanently on Jan. 17 (Eric Wang/The Daily Campus)

Amazon@Storrs closed Jan. 17 after a two-year stint, leaving University of Connecticut students with few alternatives for their shipping needs.

Michell Gonzalez, a fourth-semester fine arts major, said she liked Amazon@Storrs and never used UConn mailrooms for packages.

“That place was so easy to get my packages. I even have a gift card from Amazon so I was planning on getting something from there,” Gonzalez said. “I guess I have to figure out how our mailroom works.”

Amazon decided to close its pickup location of Amazon@Storrs Jan. 17 because they did not think it was best serving their customers, a spokesperson from Amazon said.

Several University of Connecticut students are not happy following the store closing.

Chrystal Charles, a fourth-semester psychology major, said she liked the location since it was close to her dorm.

“It was in such a [good] spot and it was so much easier to get packages there than from the mailroom,” Charles said.

Amazon@Storrs first opened for the fall 2016 semester after UConn had multiple mailroom backups from Amazon Prime packages in previous semesters.

When the location opened, Amazon Prime Student was available to those with a .edu email address, and students could use the facilities to receive or mailbox packages, with one-day pickup available.

Shivani Doshi, a fourth-semester biology major, said she loved Amazon@Storrs because it was much faster to get what she needed.

“I’m super sad and annoyed about it because it takes way less time than ordering mail through UConn,” Doshi said. “I thought it was so convenient.”

Victoria Kostour, a second-semester biology major, said she liked to return items from Amazon there.

“I’m really surprised because it was so convenient and easy for me to order and return items there,” Kostour said. “I would think a lot of students utilized it, so it’s a shame to see it go.”

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