Editorial: The Daily Campus bids farewell to Nancy Depathy


Photo courtesy of Nancy Depathy’s Facebook

Over the last 14 years, the Daily Campus has seen a lot of change. From the paper’s transition into the digital age to hundreds of students who have passed through, life at the Daily Campus was in perpetual flux. One of the few constants in that time has been our beloved Financial Manager, Nancy Depathy. Now, after her years of work for the paper, Nancy is retiring. On behalf of the entire paper, we can guarantee that she will be sorely missed.

Nancy has been an essential part of the Daily Campus family since she arrived. She has helped countless students sign up for pay authorization, dealing with whatever headaches the Bursar’s Office managed to throw her way and ensuring writers got the pay they deserved. Her work extended beyond pay authorization, as she helped maintain the financial records for the paper, was involved with advertisements and so much more. Notably, the finances of the Daily Campus were a mess in the year before Nancy arrived. Throughout her tenure, Nancy has been vital in setting the paper back on the right track.

While the work she performed was certainly outstanding, Nancy will be remembered most for her personality. Simply put, she is one of the kindest people you will ever meet. Meeting some stranger to fill out paperwork might be intimidating with others, but when that stranger is Nancy it’s no problem at all. Whether she’s conversing with writers about their classes or the most recent women’s basketball game (she’s a huge fan!) she is great at putting people’s minds at ease. While most of the staff technically only have to meet with Nancy once or twice, they’ll often swing in for a few minutes to catch up with her whenever they have the chance. There’s a reason the Nancy is the unanimous and uncontested winner of our “DC Cutie” award every year: she’s wonderful and we all love her.

Nancy, it’s very bittersweet to see you go. We’ll miss you, but we also know that you’ll continue to do great things in the next stage of your life. Just know that we will never forget everything you’ve done for us in your years of service at the Daily Campus. We are truly thankful to have known you. So Nancy, from all of us at the Daily Campus, we wish you a happy and peaceful retirement. You’ve more than earned it.

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