A brief guide to Super Bowl prop bets


FILE – In this Nov. 11, 2018, file photo, Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson (3) battles Los Angeles Rams defensive end Aaron Donald (93) for a ball Wilson lost on a fumble and returned for a touchdown by defensive end Dante Fowler during the second half in an NFL football game in Los Angeles. The Rams know they’ve got to pressure Tom Brady early and often to have a chance in the Super Bowl, and they’ve been assembling the tools for this job all year long. They signed Ndamukong Suh to a big free-agent deal, wrote a record-breaking contract for Aaron Donald and acquired edge rusher Dante Fowler from Jacksonville down the stretch. (AP Photo/Alex Gallardo, File)

If you’re not a fan of the LA Rams or New England Patriots (or are actively rooting for them to fail), then you might have a hard time getting hyped up for this Sunday. An easy way to change that is to throw some money on the game!

Every year the Super Bowl has a plethora of prop bets to wager on; from who will be the MVP and total yards gained in the game, to fun ones like the duration of the national anthem, result of the coin toss and what color Gatorade will be dumped on the winning coach.

Whether you’re a degenerate gambler or just looking for a little more excitement on Sunday, I’ve put together a list five prop bets that will make the Super Bowl a little more interesting for you. All bets and odds were found on Bovada.lv.

1. Super Bowl MVP: Tom Brady (+125), Aaron Donald (+1800)

You’ve got to think that if the Patriots win this game Tom Brady will be the MVP, as he has for four of his five Super Bowl wins. Brady has the shortest odds of the entire field for this exact reason. Aaron Donald is an interesting pick because he alone could completely disrupt the Patriots offense. Brady doesn’t play well when facing interior pass rush, and Donald racked up 20.5 sacks as a defensive tackle this season. A big game for him could net some serious money

2. National Anthem: Over/Under 1:47 (-170/+130)

The Super Bowl is one of the most widely viewed sporting events across the United States with over 110 million viewers each year. You gotta think that the singer is gonna try to stretch out their moment in the spotlight as long as they can. According to FanDuel, the last 10 national anthem performances have gone for an average of 2.04 minutes. Hammer the over on this one.

3. How many times will the broadcast mention Sean McVay’s age? Over/Under 1.5 (-250/+170)

Sean McVay rightfully deserves a lot of attention for coaching the Rams to the Super Bowl at just 33 years old, and that won’t stop on Sunday. I say he’ll get at least two mentions of his age; at the start of the game and at the very end. Take the over on this pick.

4. Will Maroon 5 play “Sweet Victory” from Spongebob at halftime (-220 Yes/+155 No)

The internet has joined together to collectively beg Maroon 5 to rock the halftime show just like Spongebob, Patrick, Sandy, Mr. Krabs and many others did in one of the all time great Spongebob episodes. Based on a promo video the band posted on Twitter, it very well might actually happen. I hope they incorporate Squilliam Fancyson having a heart attack into the performance.

5. Will either kicker strike a post or crossbar on a kick attempt? (+350 Yes/-600 No)

Gostkowski and Zuerlein are two of the most accurate kickers in the league and neither of them hit the post very often, so I say no. If Cody Parkey was in this game it would be a whole other story.

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