Indie pop band AJR releases new single


Indie pop band AJR released their new single “100 Bad Days,” which is about making the best of a bad situation, on Wednesday, Jan. 30. (Photo provided by writer)

Indie pop band AJR released their new single “100 Bad Days,” which is about making the best of a bad situation, on Wednesday, Jan. 30.

AJR only told their fans about the single three days before the release of “100 Bad Days,” shocking fans on social media.

On Jan. 12 the band posted a black photograph that said, “THE NEXT TIME WE POST WILL BE OUR NEXT CHAPTER OF MUSIC. A new era will begin very soon. Welcome to Neotheater.”

When the announcement was made, many fans responded with GIFs from “The Office,” the band’s favorite series. Most replies were made in lieu of their excitement but also inspired some debate.

Fans were unsure if the release would be a single or a new album, but a new album was unlikely following the recent end of their tour. The band, using open communication, decided to directly address that it was, in fact, a single via Twitter.

The song touches on their experiences in the music industry and the obstacles they faced during the beginning of their career. This song is all about making the best of the bad days you may have and growing from them.

During the chorus Jack Met, the lead singer, sings, “100 bad days made 100 good stories. 100 good stories make me interesting at parties.”

Considering it’s a song about hardships, it has a lot of energy. It incorporates clapping, electronic drum beats and so much more that contributes to the song’s empowering vibe. To no surprise, the song has the iconic beat drops the band is infamous for, making the song unique to them.

The song flows well and it’s easy to catch yourself singing along to the lyrics, even during the first listen. It isn’t too overwhelming or too basic; it was a good choice for a single. It makes a good release because it’s such an energizing song that will excel on the radio.

The song is distinct from every other catchy pop song because it’s catchy, fun and speaks about real-life experiences the band has been through.

In the slower parts of the song, AJR tell stories about their experiences and their “bad days.” The band doesn’t shy away from pure honesty when they talk about the very beginning of their careers.

Met sings, “I write a song that no one knows. I play a show and no one shows. Oh my god, I felt so alone.”

The response to the song was nearly immediate. Many of their fans went to Twitter to show their appreciation of the song. Many described the song to AJR as a “bop,” and some said “This song slaps.” The comments led to a lighthearted tweet from the band that makes you laugh a little.

“Every time we put out a song, there’s a new trendy word you guys use to describe it, like ‘bop’ or ‘slaps.’ It takes like a full minute to figure out if those are good things or bad things. I think they’re good things. Thank you, guys,” AJR tweeted at 11:30 a.m.

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