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There are plenty of places off-campus to grab a bite to eat. (Eric Yang/The Daily Campus)

There’s an abundance of places within walking distance of campus that serve amazing food. Storrs Center itself has over 20 restaurants. But what lies outside of walking distance? For many students on campus without a car, UConn can feel like it’s in its own bubble and it can be difficult to venture out and explore the surrounding areas. As a food lover, I really enjoy the food around Storrs Center, but after being here for three years, I was ready to find more. There is a whole world of great food within a short drive from campus, and it really is worth the trip. If you have a car available to you, these restaurants are all amazing and can introduce you to a whole new world of food that surrounds Storrs.

Willimantic Brewing Company

Willimantic Brewing Company, also called “Willibrew,” is located in the heart of downtown Willimantic. The building used to be a post office from the early 1900s, and much of that old-timey feel is preserved both inside and outside, blended with modern touches. The vibe of Willibrew is great, and the food is even better. There is both a full bar and restaurant, and they have an extensive list of house-made craft and local beers. The menu includes a variety of American/typical bar foods such as sandwiches, burgers, salads, wraps and appetizers. I would recommend the nachos, but be prepared for a large portion!


Located directly across the street from Willibrew, Cafemantic is an eccentric, charming restaurant that is both rustic and hipster at the same time. They use many local, sustainable products for their seasonal dishes and serve an array of small and large plates. From cheese platters to oysters to burgers to gnocchi, there’s something everyone can enjoy. They even have a Sunday brunch menu. With its unique menu options and elegant presentation, Cafemantic feels like a gourmet restaurant at a reasonable cost.

Spring Hill Cafe

If you’re looking for a quick breakfast or lunch, look no further than Spring Hill Cafe. There is both indoor and outdoor seating, and a variety of options including egg sandwiches, waffles, quiche, sandwiches and salads. They also have an array of freshly-made baked goods. The decor is charming and cute, and there is a garden store attached.

Willington Pizza House

There are a lot of pizza places around campus, but Willington Pizza House is truly special. First opened in 1978, Willington Pizza House has accumulated a lot of recognition and many rewards for its delicious and unique pizza options. Some of their most famous specialty pizzas include red potato pizza, taco pizza, cheeseburger pizza, chicken gorgonzola pizza and seafood casino pizza. They might sound a little out there, but they truly are delicious. They also have all of the classic pizza flavors.

Toast Four Corners

Toast is practically on campus, but isn’t really walking distance from anywhere besides Discovery Drive. If you love breakfast food, Toast is a must-go. It’s arguably the best breakfast around campus. With lots of comfort food and all the classics, Toast makes a wonderful breakfast and has a cozy atmosphere. It’s almost always packed on weekends, so go early if you can!

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