The realities of being in a long distance relationship in college


Long distance may seem difficult to some people but it really isn’t if you are sure about what you want. (Prayitno/Flickr Creative Commons)

Have you ever wondered what happens to those freshman long distance couples that make it past Thanksgiving break?

My boyfriend, who lives 57 miles away, and I are one of those couples.

Long distance may seem difficult to some people but it really isn’t if you are sure about what you want.

You could be in a relationship for months with someone who lives on the same floor as you without being that interested in the person.

But to make long distance work you have to really want it. You have to be really and truly invested in that person otherwise all of the hardships that come with being in a long distance relationship start not being worth it..

It also makes it easier once you and your partner have trust.

Being away from a significant other can make some people worried about cheating or that their partner will find someone “better” than themself.

If you are scared of these things happening, long distance isn’t for you. You need to able to trust your partner to live their life without you being physically next to them all of the time.

After my boyfriend and I established these two aspects in our relationship, we decided to see if we could make it work and one year later it is still working, even while at college.

With that being said, a lot of things changed for us after we both started college.

For one, I only want to talk to him now to avoid trying to meet new people and though this is good for our relationship, it has made me become a little antisocial.

Along the line of communication, trying to find the time to talk to him as much as I want to has also been difficult with both of our busy schedules.

I am constantly on the phone with him between classes, after class, in the dining hall and any other minute of free time I have.

Since I am a very expressive, loud speaker, I often get looks from other people because I pretty much scream in the dining hall to my phone, but I’ve just learned to deal with that.

In our free time we also make sure to try to fit cute, special moments where we can just hang out, even if that is through FaceTime.

Because of that, it is not unusual to see me in the study lounge watching a movie or listening to an album that just dropped through the phone with my boyfriend.

We also don’t miss out with the affectionate aspects of a relationships because we have sent a good morning and good night text to each other every single day since we started dating.

We also send selfies with plenty of loving bitmojis and we even often takes naps while on the phone together.

We can only have these “coupley” moments in person once a month when we visit each other, so we really value that on a day to day basis we can still be affectionate.

A great thing about being long distance in college is that since there’s no pressure to constantly be together doing something so we can both focus on ourselves and our schoolwork.

An aspect that may be really unappealing to some, however, is that I can’t get romantically involved with any of the new people I meet.

But that is fine for me, because in my eyes no one can really compare to my boyfriend and even if I was single I probably wouldn’t want to date them since I am a very picky dater.

However, many guys that I have told about my long distance relationship seem to take it as a challenge and don’t take my relationship seriously.

This has made me stop saying that I have a boyfriend who lives in New York and has made me start saying that I just have a boyfriend, which seems to be more respected for some reason.

Despite all of the adjustments we have had to make and are still having to make, my boyfriend and I are learning together and making our relationship as healthy as it can be while in college.

Gladi Suero is a campus correspondent for The Daily Campus. She can be reached via email at

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