The single’s guide to Valentine’s Day


For many single people like me, Valentine’s Day brings a disheartening sense of shame and disappointment. Feb. 14 comes around and you’re still single. Again. (purpleapple428/Flickr Creative Commons)

For many single people like me, Valentine’s Day brings a disheartening sense of shame and disappointment. Feb. 14 comes around and you’re still single. Again.

But don’t despair! Instead of being depressed about not being with your ex or your crush (or with anyone for that matter), here are some tips and tricks to get you out of the spiral of disappointment:

Host a singles-only party. Not only is this a great way to throw shade at those conceited couples who make it a point to rub your singleness in your face, but it’s also an awesome method of potentially meeting someone new. You’re in a party full of singles who are probably just as depressed as you about not having a partner on Valentine’s Day – pick someone and shoot your shot. You literally have nothing to lose (besides being rejected on Valentine’s Day </3) and probably have a higher chance of success due to the occasion.

Organize a Secret Valentine exchange with your single friends. Just like Secret Santa during the holiday season, Secret Valentine is a fun little gift exchange that your friend group can partake in. It’s a great way to feel like you’re not missing out on all the festivities and gifting that occurs between romantic couples. Valentine’s-themed gift ideas include: a box of chocolates, roses, Valentine’s Day cards, candy, stuffed animals, succulents and mugs. Treat your single friends with the love they deserve!

Have a date/hangout with a friend(s) who you’ve been missing. Your insecurity during Valentine’s Day is probably rooted in an intense longing for someone or something that seems to be missing in your life. So get the bachelor gang together or find someone you’ve been missing to hang out with! Date ideas include: movies, sharing dinner and ice skating. See the next item for an unconventional but awesome date idea, followed by a conversation over a shared meal to seal the deal.

Go to the gym. Pump some iron or hit the treadmill. Not only is this a way to better yourself to attract a potential lover, but you’ll also feel so much better about yourself afterwards. Post-workout dopamine is a great hormone to ward off any negative emotions, instead replacing them with feelings of power, competence and confidence. You don’t need anyone else to feel great about yourself – just hit the gym!

Embark on a Digital-Detox for a few days. Are you the type of person that sometimes gets preoccupied with the social media posts of your crush or your ex? Do you feel empty inside when you see couples posting about how amazing their relationship is? If yes, maybe it’s time for you to commit to a digital-detox! Deactivate and remove Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat from your life and you will find that your mood will greatly improve since you’ve removed emotionally triggering content from your daily life. Finally, doing a digital-detox will allow you to stop wasting your valuable time and energy following up on others’ lives and instead commit to taking up the next item on the list.

Spend time with yourself. Who says you need anyone else to be happy in life? Who says you need to be depressed because you’re single on Valentine’s Day? Valentine’s Day is a day of love, so treat yourself with love and respect. Go on a shopping spree, eat at your favorite restaurant, get a haircut, use a face mask, treat yourself with a massage, go on a run or do whatever you find enjoyable. Embrace your singleness. You don’t need to compromise with your partner. You don’t need to be coerced into doing something you don’t feel strongly about. You don’t need to shell out valuable money, time and energy on your partner. Think of the many amazing perks of being single and take advantage of them to the fullest!

Hopefully these tips will help you to be happy and content with your singleness during Valentine’s Day. In the end, realize that Valentine’s Day has recently become an artificially manufactured holiday constructed by and for businesses in an effort to commercially profit off of those in romantic relationships – an occasion that you, a single person, should not concern yourself too much with!

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