Tips and tricks that will make your college relationship THAT much better


With these mental notes in mind, make sure to enjoy your relationship for everything it is. Love is a beautiful thing and it’s important to celebrate it every day, not just on Valentine’s Day. (Kevin Simmons/Flickr Creative Commons)

Dating in college can be difficult. Not only do you have to balance academics, remember to nourish yourself, spend time with friends and save time for yourself but now you have to make sure to fit time into your busy schedule for your boyfriend/girlfriend, too. Of course, when you have feelings for someone this may seem like a breeze. However, there are certain tips and tricks that will make any relationship run smoother.

Anything in life is better when it is dealt with in moderation. In simpler terms: balance. It is completely normal to be excited about a new relationship and become completely enthralled by it, but it is important to balance that relationship with other aspects of your life. While spending every waking moment with your significant other may seem like the perfect way to pass the day, you will eventually realize it can be damaging. Make sure to keep your personal goals and priorities at the top of your mental list.

Nothing makes a day brighter than some self-care. Being a student can be time-consuming, and a bit stressful to say the least. Your brain is constantly reminding you of the 15 assignments you have due within the next week, your heart tells you to go watch at least two episodes of “Game of Thrones” with your loved one and your body is telling you that you can’t even take one step out of bed. What’s the perfect solution? Something beautiful we call “me time.” Me time is essentially a block of time where you do everything to take care of your body and soul. For some this can be something as simple as a bubble bath, for others it’s picking up their favorite book. Some even spend their me time by going to the gym (I personally cannot relate to that one). Despite how you wish to spend this time, you will quickly realize it’s rejuvenating, calms all the nerves,and makes you feel so content. In order for a relationship to thrive, it’s important to focus on yourself sometimes, too. Afterall, how can we give all our love to our significant other if we do not love ourselves first? Even if it’s only two short hours of your day, you will realize the benefits of me time instantaneously.

Regardless of balance and me time, no relationship will ever be able to thrive without trust. Trusting someone goes hand-in-hand with vulnerability, which we all know is not the best feeling. However, allowing yourself to be vulnerable is putting yourself in your purest form, which is something quite beautiful. You’re allowing yourself to feel every emotion and to choose happiness despite the possible negative thoughts that can occasionally pop into your head. Having trust means that not only do you believe in your partner, but you are confident with your relationship. Going out and socializing without each other does not seem daunting, but rather a night where you can both spend time with friends. While “the talk” can seem like the worst possible way to spend time with your loved one, it is important you both agree to what type of relationship you would like to have. Are you exclusive? Is it an open relationship? All these questions that are difficult to ask will ensure you are both on the same page and looking for the same type of relationship.

Lastly, do not succumb to the pressures of having to spend every weekend with your partner. Independence is a beautiful thing and will definitely benefit the relationship as a whole. Remember you can go to social events with just your friends and still have just as much fun as if you were with your boyfriend/girlfriend. Making sure to strictly spend time with your friends will reassure in your mind that you are your own person, despite being in a loving relationship. As they say, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder.”

With these mental notes in mind, make sure to enjoy your relationship for everything it is. Love is a beautiful thing and it’s important to celebrate it every day, not just on Valentine’s Day.

Jordana Castelli is a campus correspondent for The Daily Campus. She can be reached via email at

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