Calista’s Cinema Conversations: Thought provoking films


There are those few films out there that resonate with us, that really make us think about them, their plot or a concept for a little while after the film. No, I’m not always talking about those twist endings, which are always good, but the films that bring up such a striking and rather unforgettable point that it’s hard to not think further on it. This week, I have decided to dedicate the conversation to those films that make us really think about them.

A rather new and little-known science fiction film, “Midnight Special,” starts off the list as it was the film that made me think of this topic. It wasn’t the gifted and seemingly supernatural young boy, Alton, that made me think, but it was the tough decision that everyone around Alton made when discovering his abilities. The film creates a clear division between good and evil, and it makes you think about how strong the bond of love truly is.

Another science fiction film that flew under the radar when it was in theaters but became more popular after wards is “Edge of Tomorrow.” This film takes time travel and alien invasion to the extreme, and it makes you think not just about the intricate and intense plot, but the idea of living every moment like it’s your last.

The horror movie “Eden Lake” was not only utterly shocking, but the ending sat with me for a little while. Its plot seems formulaic and uninteresting at first, setting it in a remote forest with a young couple that is rather foreign to the town’s lifestyle, but halfway through the movie I was unbelievably invested.

The film “Buried” is one of Ryan Reynolds’ earlier films, and though it may not be his most well-known, it doesn’t mean it won’t make you think. The films plot sounds exactly how you’d imagine, a man is buried alive and the film spends nearly all of its time with the man who is fighting to stay alive long enough to be rescued from the coffin in which he has been buried alive. The heart-pounding and anxiety-inducing film is enough to leave you sitting in silence for a little while after the film is over.

Though these are just a few of the ones I can think of, these films may not leave everyone thinking. There are so many films out there that affect people differently; this is a purely subjective but exciting topic. You always have to ask yourself: What intrigues me when I watch a movie?

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