Thirsty Thursdays: Dublin Iced Coffee and Dark Moon


A Dublin Iced Coffee is something fun to try during the winter months (Marco Verch/The Daily Campus)

Midterms are upon us. We are tired. We are cold. UConn students need energy. So in honor of all our early mornings and late nights (and because we love caffeine), this week’s Thirsty Thursday drink of the week is dedicated to coffee cocktails. Whether you want to try these drinks for breakfast or to jazz up your evenings, we won’t judge. Coffee is versatile. 

Dublin Iced Coffee 

This cold beverage is a fun, boozy take on the classic iced coffee, and it’s relatively simple to make.  


2 oz. strong cold-brew coffee 

2 oz. stout (like Guinness) 

1½ oz. Irish whiskey 

¾ oz. simple syrup 

½ oz. heavy cream 

Freshly grated cinnamon stick (for serving) 


Mix coffee, stout, whiskey and simple syrup in a highball glass. Add ice until full. Gently pour in the cream so it gradually sinks into the coffee, then sprinkle with cinnamon. 

This is a great cocktail for coffee lovers. It’s not too sweet and the stout and whiskey add complex, deeper flavors to the coffee. If you’re looking for something a little stronger, add less simple syrup or cream and more whiskey.  

Dark Moon 

The Coca-Cola in this cocktail makes for a fun twist on the typical Irish coffee! 


1½ cups cold-brew coffee 

½ cup coffee liqueur 

½ cup spiced rum 

One 12-oz. bottle Coca-Cola 

½ cup heavy cream 

Combine coffee, liqueur, rum and cola in a large pitcher (this can be done ahead of time). Divide evenly between glasses filled with ice.  

This one isn’t for you if you don’t like soda and carbonation. It’s unexpected to have essentially sparkling coffee, but the dark notes of the coffee liqueur and spiced rum make for a rich and exciting drink. You can always add less Coca-Cola and more cold-brew if the idea of soda and coffee is difficult to move past.  

While the caffeine may help you stay up during exams, we do not advise drinking alcohol before class. Whatever time of day you choose to give these drinks a try, please enjoy your Thirsty Thursday and drink responsibly.  

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