Weezer makes waves with The Black Album


Weezer, famed ‘90s rock band, added to their colorful array of albums with “Weezer (The Black Album).” Released on Friday, March 1, their latest effort includes songs from their 2018 EP.

“The Black Album” sticks to what Weezer is known for: Their classic rock sound and raspy vocals. Their previous albums are united by a similar sound, but the band has brought something new here. A few songs on the album were previously released in 2018 including “High as a Kite,” “Living in L.A,” “Zombie Bastards” and “Can’t Knock the Hustle.”

“High as a Kite” is an evocative title with an equally evocative subject matter. The song can be interpreted different ways depending on what you think Weezer means by high. Whether it’s a drug-induced high or a feeling of letting go of one’s troubles, though, one thing is clear: He is high.

“I think I’m going parasailing, miles above, it’s so serene. I’m letting go of all the troubles that I’ve seen, that I’ve seen. Way up here, no one can touch me. I’m drifting like a lost balloon,” lead singer Rivers Cuomo sings.

“Zombie Bastards” is a fun song to listen to from an audience perspective. From a basic look, the song is about the obvious: A zombie apocalypse. From a deeper look, though, it’s really about what music means to them—the power of using their words to fight back and be completely themselves no matter what.

All of the songs have a background, but essentially the songs are mainly about their own story and hard rock throughout the years.

One of the most unique things about the album is their choice in the language with songs like “Zombie Bastards” and “Can’t Knock the Hustle.” The simple use of the word bastards catches attention quickly, but it’s also brash. They also use the Spanish phrase “hasta luego” which means goodbye or see you later.

As far as the colored album title, the trend dates back to 2001. Visually, it seems as if the color theme stems from their iconic pastel blue debut album.

The album is nothing less than a classic Weezer album. It rings true to their brand and what they’re known for.

When it comes to a modern day rock band, Weezer is a band that has proved that music stylings don’t die, but progress. Weezer has progressed from 1995 to the present day, which makes them a 24-year-old band.

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