Pre-Presidential Spotlight: DeMoura and Zancewicz


During USG's meeting on a snowy Wednesday, they invited a UConn Alum speaker that previously worked in USG. (Eric Yang/The Daily Campus)

During USG’s meeting on a snowy Wednesday, they invited a UConn Alum speaker that previously worked in USG. (Eric Yang/The Daily Campus)

You may have seen their posters and campaign promises across campus and on social media, but now’s your chance to go beyond the politics of the presidential and vice presidential candidates for the upcoming Undergraduate Student Government (USG) joint elections. Voting for the elections opens today, March 5 at noon and closes on March 7th at noon, so make sure to log onto to cast your votes. The campaign team of Dylan DeMoura and Matthew Zancewicz will be featured today, while Fabio Saccomanno and Talha Bhatti will be featured tomorrow, and Priyanka Thakkar and Manny Chinyumba featured on Thursday, the final day of voting.

Dylan DeMoura, Presidential Candidate

DeMoura is no stranger to the political stage, considering this being his second year as a senator for USG, as well as his second year as an intern for UConnPIRG. However, his ambitions for his academic and career path are not merely nominal, and, in fact, his motivations lie close to his heart.

“Being a first-generation American gives me a unique perspective and drive,” DeMoura, a fourth-semester political science and Spanish double major, said. “I want to make my experience here at UConn more than just about getting a degree, and I chose to channel my passions into these two organizations [USG and UConnPIRG]. I can become a leader and make change and continue to grow as the organizations grow.”

He believes that students should do more to get involved because his own involvement has allowed him to accomplish goals that he knows have only proved successful because of student support and power.

“Student power is more important than ever,” DeMoura said. “It’s very inspiring to see so many students wanting to get involved with civic engagement, and using their voices to advocate for themselves… I’ve met so many amazing people through these student groups that I am blessed to call my friends.”

When it comes to his appreciation of Storrs, DeMoura takes pride in the diverse environments the student body creates.

“If I want to relax, I know that Horsebarn Hill is the place to be,” DeMoura said. “It’s very relaxing, and I love walking through the agriculture area. It seems like a world away from campus, as it’s very serene.”

However, he also knows how much excitement and school spirit the student body has to offer.

“There’s school spirit everywhere, not just with the sports teams,” DeMoura said. “You can feel how passionate the student groups are, which shows how much UConn students care about this school and campus, and it’s inspiring.”

Matthew Zancewicz, Vice Presidential Candidate

Zancewicz shares similarities with his campaign partner as a fourth-semester political science major, as well as a fellow USG Senator, making them a compatible duo. He’s aiming to attend law school, after which he can eventually go into a career in education law to advocate and lobby for equal education opportunities.

“I’ve felt so incredibly lucky to have so many opportunities in my life, so I definitely want to give back to my community,” Zancewicz shared. “I definitely want to give back to my community and try to give as many people as possible the opportunities that I have had.”

Along with being a CLAS Senator, Zancewicz also serves as the Vice Chair for State Affairs of the External Affairs committee.

“I do like to be as involved as possible in USG to see actual change go into effect for the betterment of student life here on and off campus,” Zancewicz said of his involvement in the organization.

Outside of USG, he’s applying to become a WOW leader for the upcoming freshman class and works as an intramural official at the Recreation Center. This summer, he’ll be returning to work at a summer camp in Milford, his hometown.

“On campus, I love getting involved in UConn’s sport culture,” Zancewicz said. “It is not uncommon to find me at a basketball game or in the Rec Center playing… If I’m looking for something fun to do, you can find me going to a basketball game in Gampel Pavilion.”

A true Husky at heart, Zancewicz appreciates all that the large campus has to offer.

“The best part of being a Husky is definitely the opportunity to meet so many different people from all walks of life,” Zancewicz said. “It’s really difficult to go a day without meeting someone new, which is something I will never take for granted. UConn is so full of opportunities—there are so many different clubs and events to get involved in that it would be near impossible for me to get bored.”

Hollie Lao is a campus correspondent for The Daily Campus. She can be reached via email at

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