Editorial: A sincere apology from the Daily Campus


USG elections are currently open and active (Eric Yang/The Daily Campus)

It is the responsibility of any newspaper to perform their due diligence in confirming the accuracy and reliability of any story that is published. In an article reporting on the joint Undergraduate Student Government elections on Monday, March 5, the Daily Campus featured numerous errors regarding candidates running for various positions. The story misreported on the names of candidates running for President/Vice President of USG, Comptroller and the various open Senate positions. We apologize for any confusion this caused, and any problems this may have caused to any of the candidates. 

This was not a mistake based on malice or cruel intent, but that does not excuse it in the least. The Daily Campus prides itself on providing accurate information to the student body and any other readers, and on Monday we failed in that mission. Our whole system failed in every step of the process. There are numerous steps that could have been taken to avert this, from checking the published pictures of the candidates (which were in fact correct) against the content of the article to double-checking the candidates’ names with USG. In the future, our readers can rest assured that we will apply rigorous fact-checking for any article. We’re committed to gathering and reporting the truth—we made an egregious error and we have to regain your trust.  

While we do not want to make excuses about our reporting, we feel it is nevertheless important to explain how this occurred. The writer reporting on the story used the information available from vote.uconn.edu (https://vote.uconn.edu/usg/) to describe the candidates. However, the candidate bios from the Spring 2018 election were mistakenly referenced instead of the Spring 2019 information. Unfortunately, this oversight was not caught and the incorrect information was published.  

Today, the Daily Campus published an article with the correct candidate information. Please read this in order to familiarize yourselves with the candidates and make an informed decision when voting. While we feel this is a good first step in making amends, we also intend to learn from this event to prevent it from occurring in the future. We will redouble our efforts in fact-checking our articles to make sure that subsequent errors do not happen. Furthermore, writers will be held to a higher standard and will be made sure to double-check themselves while reporting. Even a small or unintended error can result in a large issue. It is imperative that the Daily Campus work to minimize, and hopefully avoid entirely, future factual mistakes. 

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