Editorial: Stamford Campus expanding as student population grows


UConn Stamford Campus. (File Photo/The Daily Campus)

The UConn Stamford Campus has experienced an influx of students over the past several years, forcing the Board of Trustees to seek means of expansion in order to accommodate the newcomers. If Stamford is any indication, UConn could be taking over the state in the near future one city at a time.

At the time of the 2012-13 academic year, the Stamford Campus boasted a student population of 1,377. At present, the satellite campus is home to 1,977 students. While there are a number of factors that ultimately draw students to the Stamford Campus, the shiniest of lures include new student housing, an expanded curriculum and the campus’ proximity to New York City, which is perhaps richer in internships and future career opportunities than even the city of Stamford itself.

With the Stamford Campus attracting all sorts of business, valuable resources are in short supply. According to Sally Reis, a Board of Trustees Distinguished professor, the ultimate threat to Stamford’s growing popularity is a lack of majors. Similar to the UConn Hartford Campus, many students attending classes in Stamford will ultimately be required to transfer to Storrs in order to complete their chosen degrees. It is with this in mind that the board is seeking to increase the array of majors offered to the campus’ undergraduates and nearly 650 graduate students. As it stands currently, the fifteen undergraduate degrees available now are insufficient if the campus seeks to maintain its viability. While the specifics surrounding timeline, budget and the hiring of new faculty remain unclear, one thing appears quite likely at this point: The satellite campuses are gaining traction.

UConn has long offered alternatives for students unable to live on or commute to the flagship Storrs campus, but recently, it appears as though a growing mass of students are seeking to branch out and experience the entirety of the state of Connecticut.

In addition to the Stamford Campus, UConn Hartford, recently moved from West Hartford to the downtown area, is reporting increased enrollment in year two. Evidently, students enjoy the capitol city and the fresh facilities recently installed with the birth of UConn’s newest child.

In total, the university offers a number of satellite campuses including Avery Point, Waterbury, and Torrington. With increased investments allocated to surrounding campuses, the culture and community only offered in Storrs is beginning to germinate elsewhere around the state.

Students, wherever their location, ought to be ecstatic.

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