Netflix Review: ‘The Order’


Netflix’s newest fantasy and horror-infused series “The Order” features a character, Jack Morton, who seeks revenge for his mother in a school that is known for its secret society The Hermetic Order of The Blue Rose.

The society, The Hermetic Order of The Blue Rose, inducts seven people to challenge a set of students, allowing only three winners. The winners will then be members of the secret society.

The challenge was to find five golden coins in five days. The stipulations include helping your opponents, not talking about the challenge and being generally secretive about it. During the five days, people begin to die attempting to get the coins.

In the first episode, the audience follows Morton on his acceptance day, and subsequent first days of his freshman year at Belgrave University. The chancellor sees Morton’s background and accepts him into the school with an all-inclusive scholarship. Prior to talking to anyone on campus, Morton’s father tells him that he is likely to get inducted into the secret society and urges him to become a member.

Morton is not popular among his peers and is constantly faced with life-threatening challenges. He is not well-liked because he wasn’t in a prep school like the remainder of the inductees, but does manage to make friends with another inductee named Amir.

Throughout just a single episode, the audience is hooked by so many different aspects. There is drama, mystery, fantasy and horror incorporated into the series. People may be put off by one of the genres being described as horror, but that is surely not the only component in the series.

The show has all of the basic college activities that students may be familiar with on campus, such as going out to bars and playing games outside on the grass. Magic is embedded into this campus that from first glance seems perfectly normal. Morton figures out that the members of The Hermetic Order of The Blue Rose also have magic powers, which are evident in their Latin spells.

The series is instantly captivating and makes the audience want to watch every last second, clip by clip, due to the intense and suspenseful characteristics of the show. Each character has a unique dynamic and shows new mysteries to follow along during the course of the season.

Whether you watch it for the drama and possible chemistry between Morton and a society member Alyssa, or are just living for the fantasy and suspense, there’s something different for a wide variety of people.

Rating: 5/5

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