Editorial: New bus app revitalizing shuttle transportation


UConn bus line. (Photo by kim nguyen/The Daily Campus)

After a fall semester wrought with complaints, UConn Transportation Services has launched a brand new bus tracking app that is revitalizing student commuting.

The app is called Transloc Rider and provides students the opportunity to customize their experience for convenience. Students are able to favorite their most frequent bus stops, see rider counts, and receive notifications about the bus’s arrival time. This innovation is likely to enhance students’ experience riding the buses and chip away at the growing dissatisfaction which boiled over in the fall.

According to Parking Services manager Dwight Atherton, “there was a general discontent with the shuttle services (in the fall).” After Mike Jednak, the associate vice president of Facilities Operations and Building Services, promised students that change was coming, change was delivered. It’s not inconceivable to think that students’ attitude toward shuttle services will be changing soon as well.

After Jednak called for a new bus tracking system by the spring semester, Transportation Services answered the phone.

Following a period of searching, Transportation Services ultimately decided upon Passio Technologies, which has provided a system that is quite a bit more advanced than the previous one. Available under the new system are frequent status reports on its effectiveness, allowing for data to be acquired and analyzed with reference to the future use of this new structure.

In this new age of technology, data is key; and the new system provides plenty.

In particular, the new system reports frequent rider counts to Transportation Services as opposed to the old system which only offered hourly updates. This new influx of information allows for sufficient buses to be dispatched in accordance with the number of students seeking ride.

Additionally, Transportation Services will now have the ability to track the punctuality of buses to ensure that students are being picked up on time, which was another cause for concern under the old system.

This entire process began back in October and included training for Transportation Service faculty. The process progressed rapidly with students already having finished sampling and providing feedback. Transportation Services recently worked out the kinks, capped off the finishing touches, and officially launched the app for students to enjoy.

Safe traveling, UConn Nation.

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