Husky One Card changing look for security reasons


Tomorrow is the last day to vote on the new design of the Husky One card, Stephanie Reitz, University of Connecticut spokesperson said. (Photo via

Tomorrow is the last day to vote on the new design of the Husky One card, Stephanie Reitz, University of Connecticut spokesperson said.

There are three options to choose from on the Husky One Card website. ( After putting in NetID credentials, students have the ability to vote for their favorite design. The three options include choices with the Jonathan the Husky logo or a color photo of the Jonathan statue.

Reitz said the reason the card designs are changing because UConn will be implementing a “smart card” for the IDs to increase security across campus. The new design is going to be used to distinguish new cards from old cards.

“We want everyone to have more secure credentials,” Reitz said. “[The new card] has a chip in the card; it cannot be duplicated. No one can sniff the number out of the air.”

Non-chip, magnetic stripe cards are less secure, according to the card service Square, because the card numbers are easier to identify and card thieves skim the numbers, either from scanners or a wireless skimmer.

The new cards will work by tapping the chip to a card reader instead of swiping, Reitz said. The changes will begin at the start of the 2019-2020 academic year.

“Students are going to see this first in the Student Recreation Center, the dining halls and the retail sites like the food court,” Reitz said. “Eventually, [we will be] changing out the readers in the residential halls.”

Until all of the card readers are installed, the new IDs will have both the chip and stripe on the back for swiping, Reitz said.

“You may still be swiping in some places,” she said. “We will have an identifier to tap instead of swipe.”

The cards are going to be used at all UConn campus locations except UConn Health, which has a separate photo identification badge system, according to a UConn Today article.

Voting for the new design is open to all UConn students to encourage student participation with the new card, Reitz said.

“We are getting a good turnout, over 4,000 people who voted,” Reitz said. “We want everyone to have a voice so people can get a card that they like.”

Victoria Kostour, a second-semester molecular and cell biology major, said she enjoys being able to vote for the new design but she was not the biggest fan of the three options.

“I picked the first one,” Kostour said. “I don’t really love any of them. I like the ‘Husky Pride’ on the second one but I felt like the name and UConn ID was shoved in a corner so you kind of had to look for it. For the first option, the identification information was clear, which fulfills the purpose of an ID.”

Kostour said she likes the design of the IDs students have now.

“I’m surprised to say this, Kostour said, “but our current ID design has really grown on me.”

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