Lacrosse: The struggle continues


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Columbia sailed past the Huskies in their game on Saturday afternoon. As the Huskies came off of their first win against Albany, they were unable to keep the same intensity against Columbia, resulting in their 13-7 loss.

For the Huskies, the success that they had would not have been possible without Olivia Miles. Miles was all over the field finding different ways in which she could contribute to her team whether her contributions came in the form of goals or steals. Miles was the only player for the Huskies that scored more than one point for her team. She ended the game with three points and an additional six steals. Freshman midfielder Lia Laprise made her mark on the field with the five steals that she added, in attempt to help the Huskies get possession of the ball and convert on the offensive end.

Columbia shot 56 percent from the field, while the Huskies shot a solid 50 percent.

Eight of Columbia’s players managed to find their way on the boards in terms of points, while four others added to the stats sheets, alongside those players.

Sophomore attack, Alexandria Absey, was unstoppable for the Columbia Lions. Alongside Absey’s four of the 13 points that the Lions attained, she played aggressive, leading to Absey winning the battle for two ground balls and 10 steals for Absey or forced turnovers on the Huskies. Absey has two more years ahead of her, so with the Huskies struggle to contain her now may result to trouble in the future if they remain unable to find their rhythm.

UConn turned the ball over a total of 24 times and gave up 13 goal attempts to the 13 saves that Grace Beshlian acquired.

The Huskies allowed Columbia to dominate the second half of the game.

The second half of the game consisted of the Lions having an 8-1 run on the Huskies, with UConn ending the game in the last 38 seconds with their first and only point of the half and Anna Costello’s only point in the game.

The Huskies are heading back on the road, this time to Conway, South Carolina to face the Coastal Carolina Chanticleers. Aggression will be key to the outcome of the upcoming game for the Huskies.

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