Stay on-trend with these spring styles


Fanny packs are listed on Elle's guide to Spring fashion. (screenshot/Gucci)

Fanny packs are listed on Elle’s guide to Spring fashion. (screenshot/Gucci)

It’s officially spring, and for once the weather is acting accordingly. However long it may last, this kick of livable temperatures makes your parka or puffy coat feel a little unnecessary. In two weeks, we may be crawling back into our sweaters and scarves, but we may as well embrace it while we can: It’s time for spring fashion. After looking at what stores are bringing in right now and what models rocked on the runways, I’ve got a pretty good idea of what we can expect style-wise this season. While it would be nice if we all had some extra cash to blow on a new wardrobe every season, that’s definitely a little impractical and, honestly, unnecessary. This list contains some boiled-down essentials to let you know what to expect this season and how to stay on-trend.

Something to Buy: Tie-front top

Tops and dresses that tie closed in the front have been around for a while now, but this season all the stores are full of options that you can either class-up, or keep casual. Some of these tops can reveal a good portion of your midriff, which does require some confidence, but if you feel like you can rock this look, a tie-front top automatically feels like warmer weather and good times outdoors. This is also a super versatile look: Some tie at the top, some in the middle, some are tight, some are loose, some are cropped, some are long, some are revealing, some are less so. Because this look is a little newer, your best bet is probably to buy a piece, but there are some cheaper options, like this $23 option from Forever 21.

Something to Find: Tie-dye

You thought tie-dye was out after middle school, but according to all the experts, it’s making a comeback this year. The runway showcased tie-dye in more muted, understated ways this season as opposed to its brash emergence in the past. You definitely don’t need to go running to the store for this one; you can reincarnate an old t-shirt you’ve been shamefully hiding at the bottom of a drawer, or, here’s a revolutionary idea: Get crafty and actually tie-dye something. If you really don’t have anything to use for this look, Target has you covered with tie-dyed tees, sweatshirts and even short.

Something to Thrift: Vintage tee

Vintage is always a good look. Faded patterns, long-dead bands and retro fonts remind us all of sunshine and road trips, which is a real spring vibe that can then transition into summer. All the major stores, like Urban Outfitters and Forever 21 are trying to make you pay $40 for a t-shirt. Save yourself some cash and hit up a Savers. It may take some work to find a shirt that’s hip old and not lame old, but this way you can stay on-trend and sound kind of hipster when people ask where you got your shirt.

Something to Accessorize: Fanny packs

The truth we’ve all been waiting for: Fanny packs are finally in. It’s been a struggle the past few years, wearing fanny packs ironically so that they can ultimately cross over into the mainstream. Tell your mom she can finally look back at those vacation photos from 2005 without being embarrassed at the bright orange fanny pack she’s sporting, ’cause this accessory is officially runway-approved. Whatever adventures you’re about to embark on this spring, enjoy the combination of style and utility that the fanny pack offers. Other accessories that will define this season include fun-colored and -shaped sunglasses, transparent handbags and, another one we’ve been waiting for, bucket hats.

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