Editorial: UConn seizes top spot among state public colleges


UConn has continued to do well in different categorical rankings (Julie Spillane/The Daily Campus)

The University of Connecticut is the best public college in the state of Connecticut. This is a remarkable achievement, albeit not one likely to surprise many UConn students or faculty, given the state’s incredible investment in the university.  

According to Business First, UConn is ranked as the fifteenth best public college in the entire nation, and number one in the state of Connecticut. The university has held strong over the past year, having maintained its national ranking from last year’s report. While fifteenth in the country is solid, the university’s current  position overlooking the Nutmeg State is quite exceptional—and expected, given the state’s tremendous contribution to the betterment of this fine public institution.

The university received a total of 78.867 rating points based on several prominent factors including full-time undergraduate students (18,555), admissions rate (47.8%), new undergraduates (3,783), retention rate of students (93.6%), among a host of other factors. Additionally, the ranking was based upon statistics such as the future earnings of ex-students (78% of students with annual earnings above $25,000 annually six years post-graduation), as well as median annual earnings for ex-students ($58,000 annually ten years following graduation). The study also took into account instructional spending ($609,272,233), instructional spending per full-time undergraduate ($32,836), and books and media in libraries (2,109,843).

Evidently, the University of Connecticut is quality on the basis that it has access to the finest of resources and faculty thanks to the generous taxpayers of this state. Furthermore, the massive financial investment has produced incredible results with many students successfully entering at least the middle-class following graduation, given some time, of course. All of this comes at a price, obviously, which was factored into the equation, as well.  

In terms of expenses, Business First calculated published in-state tuition and fees ($14,880), books and supplies ($850), on-campus room and board ($12,514) and even median monthly off-campus rent ($898).  

It is likely that, UConn students will complain, as many do, that the cost of college is exorbitantly high. While this is true, the University of Connecticut is among the cheapest universities around, particularly in comparison to its in-state private counterparts. Crucial, however, is the fact that the university has managed to provide top-quality education while maintaining significantly lower costs on its customers.  

If recent findings are any indication, the University of Connecticut is the best around, although it will seek to gain ground in the national race. Current students ought to be grateful and potential UConn applicants should consider striking while the iron’s hot.  

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