How to Stop Being Single and Get Ready to Mingle: Spring fever


Three weeks into 60 degree weather, and suddenly people on campus are feeling more social, avoiding their rooms and noticing those around them. (Ronnie Macdonald/Wikimedia Commons)

Three weeks into 60 degree weather, and suddenly people on campus are feeling more social, avoiding their rooms and noticing those around them. But what is this phenomenon that is making you double-take at classmates you’ve never thought twice about before? Why are you beginning to pull away from your serious winter relationship and fixating on every hot person in shorts you pass on the sidewalks? Well, it sounds like you’ve got spring fever

As mentioned in my article on cuffing season, relationships that are created between October and April may have just been romances of convenience. It’s possible that you aren’t with the person you’re dating because you love them and enjoy spending time with them, but because they kept you warm and countered the decline of serotonin and melatonin in your body during the winter. Now that it’s warmer out, your body no longer needs another source of serotonin, melatonin or warmth. The increased sunlight and above-freezing temperatures provides all that for you.

But if you don’t absolutely need romance like you did in the winter, why has the sunshine got you sex-crazed? Dr. Frank Bronson explained in his book “Mammalian Reproductive Biology” that mammals experience photoperiodic cues regarding reproduction. As such, increased duration of sunlight promotes the need to mate (a.k.a. have safe sex) in human beings. In addition to this, increased sunlight and warmer weather promotes local flora to grow. This then provides a positive effect on the food chain and creates a healthy environment for procreation.

Minus the crash and burn of relationships of cuffing season relationships, spring fever can work to your advantage in finding romance. Since biology has got you sex-crazed, you can be sure that everyone around you is feeling the same thing. With this comes an increase in pheromones and potential partners looking for love. You’re also in a much better mood than you were during the winter months. This means you’ll have more fun on dates, you’ll be more optimistic about finding a serious relationship and you’ll be more capable of shaking off rejection.

In addition to this, between the drop in the high caloric intake you relied on in the winter and the increase in outdoor activity and exercise, your body will naturally slim down at least a couple pounds. With this and your new ability to drop layers, you’ll begin to feel sexier. Plus, since spring increases people’s energy and makes them want to go outdoors, you’ll have a better chance of running into someone you like and be more willing to go on a date with them.

So take advantage of everyone’s newfound great mood, energy, beauty and sex drive, and go find a fantastic summer fling or serious romance to help you get through this spring fever.

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