Storrs Stories: A higher campus



In 1982, the University of Connecticut saw an increase in the last decade in drug use and sales around campus.  

A group of drug dealers interviewed by The Daily Campus collectively agreed about 5000 students in the then-Storrs student population were regular marijuana users and at least 80 percent of then-UConn students had tried marijuana at least once. 

They also agreed that marijuana, cocaine and mushroom sales had increased in that year.  

Dr. Joseph Nowinski, then-director of UConn Mental Health Services, said students often try drugs for the first time because of peer pressure, and students who are depressed may find relief in drugs. 

Dr. Ruth Buczynski, who worked in the Department of Counseling and Student Development, disagreed with Nowinski.  

“The prohibition is what attracts so many people,” Buczynski said. “People hear that it feels good. I think that’s the case more so than curiosity and peer pressure.”  

The UConn Police Department then did not see drug usage on campus as a high priority.  

“Most of our drug arrests are the result of something else,” then-Lieutenant Bob McKelvey said.  

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