TPUSA event security cost university over $24,000


Conservative speakers Dave Rubin, Charlie Kurk and Candace Owens spoke in the Student Union Theater Tuesday night as representatives of Turning Point USA. (Nicholas Hampton/The Daily Campus)

The University of Connecticut spent $24,889.38 to secure the Turning Point USA speaking event on April 9.

The university paid $4,285.82 to CSC Security, unofficially referred to as the “Yellow Jackets,” $17,635.94 in UConn police overtime, and $2,967.62 to UConn fire overtime, UConn spokesperson Stephanie Reitz said.

“The amount of security associated with the visit was based on reviews of events and security at previous venues where the guests had appeared,” Reitz said.

Discussions on campus and in the community leading up to the event as well as the recognition that on-campus speaker events nationwide are drawing also affected the amount of security, Reitz said.

The ideologies of all speakers do not have an effect on the amount spent on security, Reitz said.

“[Security] decisions are made specifically to provide appropriate and effective safety measures for everyone involved,” Reitz said.

The university does not consider the cost when booking security for on-campus events, Reitz said.

“The university is responsible for ensuring adequate public safety on UConn’s campuses, including for on-campus events, regardless of the cost of doing so,” Reitz said.

Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk spoke at UConn with Candace Owens and Dave Rubin and took questions and comments from an audience of UConn students, staff and state residents.

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