UConn public records office makes getting information simple


The Lakeside Building on the North side of the UConn Stores campus houses the office where requests for public records are processed in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act (Judah Shingleton/The Daily Campus)

Through the University of Connecticut’s public records office website, individuals can request public records, such as emails sent by UConn faculty and staff from university accounts and Board of Trustees meeting minutes. 

Megan Philippi, UConn director of public records, said the website was designed to make the process easy. All students need to do is fill out a form on the website and it goes to the public records office. Students will get an acknowledgment receipt for the request within four days. 

Philippi said that requests are often broad. 

“We advise people to try to clearly explain what they’re seeking so we can quickly and efficiently get it for them,” said Philippi. “We work very hard to provide everything possible while complying with applicable laws pertaining to student privacy, patient confidentiality, etc.” 

Philippi said that almost 400 requests were made in 2018. 

Philippi said the public records office is a partnership between University Communications and Office of the General Counsel that ensures UConn provides all documents and other items required by law.  

According to the website’s FAQ, emails sent on the university account by faculty and staff are very likely public record and can be requested but the university will typically notify them if a request has been made. 

Other documents that are available and listed as current topics on the site include the UConn/Nike contract, Board of Trustees archive and Annual Security and Fire Safety report. 

Joshua Oculam is a campus correspondent for the Daily Campus. He can be reached via email at joshua.oculam@uconn.edu.

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