Roundtable: What are you looking forward to this summer?


I love summer. The warm weather, lack of responsibility and freedom to do whatever I want is very much needed after two semesters of cold and stress. (Wikimedia Commons/Scanpix)

Jordi Castelli, Campus Correspondent:

Since I’m only a freshman, this is my first proper “college” summer. The thought of having four total months free is a bit overwhelming, but I’m sure I’ll find plenty of ways to fill up my time. I was born in Italy and my dad works there, so every summer my family and I jet off to Capri, a small island located off the Southern tip, to lay on the beaches and soak up the Mediterranean sun. It would take me centuries to list all the things I adore about Europe. Southern Italian cuisine is hands down the best food you will ever eat. The pasta is nearly always homemade and the fish are caught fresh right off of our own shores. The water is crystal clear to the point where it’s a little freaky, and even when it’s not, it’s a beautiful shade of navy blue. The locals are more than welcoming, the lemons are the size of a soccer ball, the gelato melts in your mouth and the pizza choices are endless – my favorite is the classic margherita. If you’re in dire need of a vacation after freezing in the UConn tundra the past six months, Capri, Italy is your place to go.

Alex Houdeshell, Associate Managing Editor:

Summer is 100 percent my favorite season, so the list of things I’m excited for is pretty much a book, but I have to go with the cliché and say that beach trips are at the top of my list. Now I don’t settle for any of these weak-waved, smelly Connecticut beaches. I live in southeast Connecticut, so when I run to the ocean I always hit up Misquamicut State Beach in Rhode Island. Some of my favorite summer memories are soaking in the sunshine, reading a book, taking a nap, chilling in the water, body-surfing if the waves are good, playing volleyball after the lifeguards leave (and can’t yell at you) and just messing around with friends, taking pictures, playing hacky sack and chasing off the seagulls. Plus, just down the road from the beach there’s a pay-by-car drive-in theater where you can catch classic films like “The Breakfast Club” or the “Karate Kid.” So as soon as it’s warm enough to wear a bathing suit, that’s where I’ll be headed.

Melissa Scrivani, Associate Life Editor:

I love summer. The warm weather, lack of responsibility and freedom to do whatever I want is very much needed after two semesters of cold and stress. It’s my last summer before graduation (it hurts to say it), so I will be spending this summer trying to do as many fun things with my friends from home as possible before we all have to begin acting like real adults. I love spending time outside during the summer, whether it be the beach, sitting by the pool, going out for ice cream or even just sitting in my hammock in my backyard reading a book. I love traveling or going on day trips in the summer, and since I don’t have my car on campus it’s nice to have four months of just getting in my car and going wherever I want. I go on a family vacation every summer which usually involves relaxing by the beach somewhere for a week, but this year we are going to New Hampshire which will be a nice change of pace. I’m excited to go hiking in the mountains and plan on trying zip lining for the first time.

Courtney Gavitt, Staff Writer:

I’m working as an Orientation Leader this summer, so I’m really excited to meet the incoming freshman and welcome them to UConn. UConn has a unique feeling to it over the summer and I’m looking forward to spending some lazy days laying by the lake with ice cream. Not to mention, a lot of my favorite bands are touring this summer (including the Jonas Brothers, so big yeet) and I’ve already planned on going to see a lot of them with friends. I’m mostly just excited to have some free time again so I can pick back up a lot of my hobbies that I’ve neglected throughout the school year, like painting and writing. Cheers to a chill summer!

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