A Farewell from the Business Department: Liam Alfred and Ryan Derosa


Advertising Director Liam Alfred (left) and Business Manager Ryan DeRosa (right) during their freshmen year in 2015. (Photo via writers)

This column is making history. We should probably start by acknowledging that. The two of us aren’t writers, but we’ve been keeping the business side of things going for the last two years. For starters, Liam and I have been best friends for 1,344 days (since August 28th, 2015). We’ve both gained a combined 200 pounds since coming to UConn, and sitting around the Daily Campus two to five hours a day hasn’t helped…especially being next to Moe’s. Shoutout Moe Monday’s.

After working at The Daily Campus for two years, we have seen and heard many reactions to different types of articles that have been published. We’re going to rank some of our favorite things at UConn to try and stir up a reaction from our own article for once. Feel free to share in Buy or Sell and get this story as many page views as possible.

Due to our increase in size, here are our UConn dining hall power rankings:

  1. Putnam

  2. Towers

  3. South

  4. McMahon

  5. Northwest

  6. North

  7. Whitney (Late Night)

  8. Buckley

Best dining food options:

  1. Zesty Chicken Tenders @ any dining hall

  2. Tower’s Pasta Bar



100. Blended Burgers

While we’re at it, let’s power rank the bars:

  1. Huskies Tavern, due to KJ (anyone know his last name?)

  2. Ted’s Bar and Grill

  3. Huskies

  4. Hop Knot

  5. Grille 86 (everyone break your piggy banks for their deals this weekend)

As two students in the School of Business, we never expected to land ourselves two jobs at The Daily Campus. Since The Daily Campus is a student-run organization, we have learned the importance of working for an amazing boss and someone who supports us not only as students but as employees. Working under Nancy Depathy and Darren Thorne during the past four semesters has made the entire Daily Campus experience much more enjoyable and has shown us how important it is to have a good relationship with your superiors in the business world.

We have immense respect and appreciation for everyone who works upstairs during the nights of production and ensures the paper gets printed each and every day. First, we have to appreciate all of the campus correspondents and staff writers because writing this is lowkey harder than any paper we’ve written at this school. With that, thank you to Connor Donahue, who has been by our side the past two years explaining newspaper jargon that we never understood. With all of the things you taught us here, maybe now we can teach you how to use a dishwasher. To Chris Hanna and Molly Stadnicki, you have both been incredible leaders and have helped make The Daily Campus a very place fun to work. Steph Sheehan, thank you for answering my emails at 10 p.m. to make sure the advertisements are running and being a major reason why this paper gets printed every day. Also, thanks for letting us write this, it’s been fun.

To the entire Business Department, thank you for your extremely hard work and dedication over the past four semesters. Shout out to John Stryjek, the unanimous employee of the month during his entire tenure. Julia DeMarkey and David Fox, we can’t wait to see how well you both excel in these roles, probably better than we did. Again, thank you to everyone who has been a part of our journey at The Daily Campus. To everyone who has not been mentioned, your support for the Business Department has not gone unnoticed.

If you picked up today’s paper to play sudoku and still made it all the way to the end of this article, thank you. Seriously, thank you Steph for letting us write this, it was probably the hardest article to copy edit in your time here. Love you all.

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