A guide to UConn’s meal plans



A guide to UConn’s meal plans

Students at the University of Connecticut have until Friday, Sept. 13 to downgrade their meal plan. Meal plans can be upgraded at any time throughout the semester, according to UConn Dining Services.  

On-campus students can choose between three different meal plans: The ultimate plan, value plan and custom plan, according to the Dining Services website. All three plans include unlimited access to dining halls during operating hours. 

The value plan includes 40 flex passes and 200 points. The ultimate plan includes 35 flex passes and 500 points. The custom plan includes 75 flex passes and lets the customer choose the amount of points they would like. Prices for the plans are $3,145 a semester, $3,010 a semester and $2,855 a semester, respectively. 

Flex passes can be used as either a guest pass or to purchase a meal, according to Dining Services. 

“If you have friends or family visiting, they can be admitted into the dining units using your flex passes,” Dining Services said. “Flex passes can also be used in Grab ‘n Go’s to obtain a value meal.”  

Points can be used towards purchases in any Dining Services cafe, the Union Street Market, Freshens and Dairy Bar Too, according to the Dining Services website. 

The Community Meal Plan, which is a block of 25 meals for $290, is available to off-campus students and students living in on-campus apartments. 

UConn Dining Services suggests students buy meal plans conservatively.  

“If you run out of meals toward the end of the semester, you may purchase additional meals through [the] community plan,” Dining Services said. 

Ashley Anglisano is the associate news editor for The Daily Campus. She can be reached by email at ashley.anglisano@uconn.edu.

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