Roundtable: Which UConn football game are you most excited for?


Photo by Charlotte Lao / The Daily Campus

Photo by Charlotte Lao / The Daily Campus

Move-in weekend and the first week of classes can only mean one thing: College football season is back! Though the UConn football team made history last season—and not the good kind—things are looking up in year three of Randy Edsall’s second stint in Storrs. The DC sports staff breaks down the schedule and point out which games they are looking forward to the most. 

Jorge Eckardt 

Staff Writer 

My eyes are trained right on the first game of the season, Wagner. The Huskies have a chance to set the tone for the entire season with a dominant performance, but if they falter, it could have the opposite effect. After a season like the one they had last year, it’s more important than ever to start this season off on the right foot. Not only that, but it will be the first in-game look at newly-named starting quarterback Mike Beaudry. The West Florida transfer has had success at the Division II level, so now it’s time to see if he can do so at the Division I level as well. However, the most pressing question is to see how the new coach, Lou Spanos, led defense performs. If the Huskies want to be successful this season the defense needs to take a major step forward, and if they struggle to shut down a team like Wagner, it could mean bad news for the rest of the season. Even though this is a game against an FCS opponent, there’s still a lot on the line for this Huskies squad. 

Matt Severino 

Campus Correspondent 

I am most excited for the UMass game. When it eventually rolls around in late October, this contest could play a pivotal role in how the team finishes out the rest of the year. With a win, Edsall’s third year could be considered a huge step in the right direction. A loss could cause the remainder of the season to spiral out of control and end in an ugly fashion. College football doesn’t have as strong of a presence in New England as it does elsewhere, and it can be difficult to get up for a game against a foe that you lack history or any regional competition with. Despite this, both teams will be eager to knock off the other. If the Huskies can take down the Minutemen, it would be huge both in the win column and for the overall morale of the program.   

Danny Barletta 

Campus Correspondent 

I think the most pivotal game on the Huskies schedule is Week Two against Illinois. They should win their opening game against Wagner with, hopefully, not too much difficulty. Their first real challenge will come the following week in the form of the Fighting Illini. While Illinois has finished towards the bottom of the Big 10 every year this decade, they are still a big school from a very notable conference. It would be huge for the Huskies to be able to start the season 2-0 for the first time since 2015. Not to mention, they would also notch their first FBS victory in two years. I think this is definitely a game that UConn can win, and it would really lift the confidence of this team if they could beat a quality, Big-10 opponent. Who knows? Starting 2-0 may spark the Huskies to win a few more games than expected this season. 

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