Need an extra credit? Try one of these courses!


One credit courses UConn students must know before the end of the semester.  Photo by     Pixabay     from     Pexels

One credit courses UConn students must know before the end of the semester. Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

For anyone looking to meet a minimum credit requirement, you might only need one last credit to make it to graduation, or perhaps just the end of the semester. For any UConn students in such a situation, read on.  

Allied Health has many interesting courses, including some that will keep you in shape. AH 1200: Martial Arts, which has sections of karate, aikido and jujutsu, is a great option, and meets in the evening at Hawley Armory. Also, for those interested in what Allied Health Sciences is and what a major in this field could lead to, there is AH 1100: Introduction to Allied Health Professions.  

Music has many opportunities to gain both credit and musical skills. MUSI 1108: Marching Band, in particular, has been highly praised as a way to get in shape and gain a great deal of friends! There is also MUSI 1006: Earthtones: Vocal Ensemble, which is described as “a world music vocal ensemble that brings to life the songs of specific cultures as a means to gain knowledge and understanding of communities, culture, spirituality and social justice,” in the UConn course catalog. It also fulfills a CA-1 requirement. Other musical courses include 1111: Chorus, 1112: Symphony Orchestra, 1114: Voices of Freedom Gospel Choir, 1115: Jazz Ensemble and many more!  

 Of course, there are many interesting UNIV courses. Those listed under UNIV 1820 may be of particular interest, though they are usually only open to freshmen or sophomore students. Different sections of this course include the classes UCan Cook at UConn (section 12) LGBTQIA+ Representation in the Media (section 13) and Education for Social Change (section 14).  

Also, work in a lab can be counted for credit, with three to five hours per week  equivalent one credit. Ask your professors if they’re looking for any new students in their labs or research!  

There are many other courses available, too! Students can check out the UConn course catalog at and search for any of the subjects mentioned to find even more one-credit courses to help fill in the gaps in their schedules and enrich themselves.  

The mentioned courses were still open at the time the article was written.  

Keely Greiner is a campus correspondent for The Daily Campus. She can be reached via email at

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