Renting close to UConn? Be prepared to pay 


File Photo / The Daily Campus

File Photo / The Daily Campus

University of Connecticut students who rent within one mile of campus pay an average of $244 more per month than the average Storrs rent, a recent report said. 

 According to, the average rent within one mile of the UConn Storrs campus is $2,103 per month, compared to the $1,859 per month average in Storrs.  Rent within two miles of campus is $1,946 per month on average. This is $157 less than the one- mile average and $87 more than the average for Storrs. 

The cheapest rent option in one of the most popular off-campus housing spots at UConn, the Oaks on the Square, has a studio apartment listed at $1,335. This is $768 less than the average within one mile of campus.   

A one bedroom, one bathroom is $1,845 per month at the Oaks, $258 less than the one-mile average. This is one of the “middle” options for a customer of the Oaks. 

Rent within one mile of the University of Illinois Urbana in Champaign, Illinois was the cheapest in the nation at $890 per month, the report said.  This was $506 cheaper than the average in Champaign. 

The report also noted high rent rates at elite universities across the nation, too.  Rent within one mile of Columbia University in New York is $4,217 per month, the report said.  This is, however, on track with the rest of New York rent, coming in only $85 more than the average Manhattan rent of $4,132 per month. 

Yeshiva University in New York, according to the report, costs 46.15 percent less than the average New York Manhattan rent, coming in at $2,225 per month within one mile of campus.  Yeshiva is the most affordable rent near a university when compared to local averages, the report said. 

According to UConn Res Life room-rates, the cheapest on-campus option is the regular double room, which costs $3,619 per semester, approximately $1,034 per month.  This is less than half the rate of rent within one mile of campus.’s goal is to “convey relevant stats about the pulse of the local markets as well as the national and state level dynamics,” their website said. 

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