Nicki Minaj announces decision to retire to focus on new family 


Nicki Minaj announced that she’s retiring from music in a tweet Thursday. The rapper, singer and creator of the “Queen Radio” show said she decided to “have my family”  

She acknowledged her fans in the post, telling them, “keep reppin’ me, do it to the death of me, X in the box, cause ain’t nobody checkin’ me. Love you for LIFE,” referencing her remix with Alicia Keys on the fan-favorite song “Girl on Fire.”  

Gaining almost 300,000 likes on the tweet in just five hours, Minaj pulled in a whirlwind of reactions from all over the world. Celebrities and fans, who she calls her “Barbies,” are sharing their mixed emotions on her decision. 

Some fans have shown support, saying that she “had to do what she had to do.” 

Others have expressed dismay at the news and hope for her retirement to be temporary. 

Prior to this news, Minaj recently spoke on Queen Radio about acquiring a marriage license with her boyfriend and father to their child, Kenneth Petty, according to Revolt. Petty has received criticism in the past for his criminal record as a convicted sex offender accusations of rape.  

Despite all the negative attention in the media, Minaj has defended her boyfriend. “He was 15, she was 16 … and in a relationship,” Minaj replied to a comment on Instagram, “but go awf Internet.” Petty can be seen in one of her latest music videos for “Megatron.”  

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