Clubs of UConn: The UConn Snowman Appreciation Club 


The UConn Snowman Appreciation Club recreates the childhood joy of building snowmen.  Photos provided by Will Broding of USAC

The UConn Snowman Appreciation Club recreates the childhood joy of building snowmen. Photos provided by Will Broding of USAC

Do you remember the joy of building a snowman as a kid? Those lazy days when school was canceled and you had no worries except how long your gloves would hold up as you packed huge amounts of snow into the three snowballs that were to become your snowman?  

The members of the UConn Snowman Appreciation Club (USAC) sure do, and they formed a club to recreate those fun, snowy days. You can join them on the Student Union lawn on snow days or on days that the university closes early due to snow to build your own Frosty or Olaf.  

President and founder Will Broding, a seventh-semester mechanical engineering major, started the club in the fall of 2018. He had been thinking about the idea ever since he and some friends made snowmen one day as freshmen. It was a fun, carefree experience that he thought would be easy to do with a bigger group.  

“It’s really easy to do,” Broding said. “People make snowmen when they’re kids, and as it turns out, they’re still pretty easy to do when you’re in college. Also, I’ve found that I’m better at making snowmen when I’m in college as opposed to being five years old.” 

Right now, the club has about 20 members. Obviously, the club is more active in the winter, so if you want to join, keep an eye out for them at the spring semester Involvement Fair. The club is looking to expand and get more students to build snowmen. Broding said that he thinks it would be cool if the UConn Snowman Appreciation Club could break a record for number of snowmen built in an hour and even if that’s not possible, he’d like to see more people enjoying the snow and building smaller snowmen across campus.  

Of course, there have been a few natural obstacles for the Snowman Appreciation Club. 

“Mother Nature hasn’t been on our side generally with the low-quality snow and lack of snow days,” Broding said.  

On the first snow day of the last school year, Broding said that the snow was so powdery that it took five people three hours to build a two-foot-tall snowman. It’s also easier to summon a crowd for snowmen-building on days when the university is completely closed, as opposed to just delayed openings or early closures.  

Nevertheless, Broding is proud of the hard work that he and his friends put into that little snowman, though he knows that with the right conditions, he and his friends can build bigger snowmen. According to Broding, the largest snowman that the club ever built was six feet tall.   

Make no mistake, however, that the club is definitely active and ready for some snowman-building this winter. Broding encourages people to join the club for a relaxing winter activity that is free, fun and a great way to make new friends.  

“The Snowman Appreciation Club is definitely a very relaxed club,” Broding said. “It’s a good way to make friends too. A lot of people I’m friends with now through that club.”  

You can reach out to the UConn Snowman Appreciation Club at 

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